Difference between Linshang New and Old Window Tint Meter

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Linshang Technology has launched two new window tint meters. Many old customers don't know what is the difference between the new model and the old model. In this article, we will focus on the differences between the old and new models of the LS101 and the newly launched LS163 window tint meter.

1.What is the difference between the new and old LS101 window tint meter?

LS101 window tint meter

(1) The parameters are basically the same. All three parameters can be measured: ultraviolet, infrared and visible light. And the spectral response range and peak wavelength are the same.
     (2)  The old LS101 window tint meter can only be used when plugged in. It is a digital tube display.
     (3)  The new
LS101 window tint meter is an LCD display. It uses 4 AA batteries and has a USB interface on the instrument.
     (4)  The old LS101 window tint meter is a point light source, which is only suitable for film and thin glass; while the new LS101 uses a parallel light path, thick glass can also be tested. The measurement range is wider.

2. What is the difference between LS163 series window tint meter and those old models?

window tint meter

   (1) The LS163, 163A window tint meter is also a portable instrument compared with the old models, with a test slot of 6mm and an LCD display.
     (2) Old window tint meters cannot implement screen rotation. The LCD screen of the new LS163, 163A window tint meter can be rotated 360 °, which is suitable for various measurement occasions and convenient for reading.
    (3) The old window tint meter cannot set the transmission rate or the rejection rate by itself. The infrared and ultraviolet data of the new LS163 and 163A window tint meters can be set to the rejection rate or transmission rate according to their own habits.
    (4) The new LS163, 163A window tint meter can also be set to display the transmittance separately.
    The above is the difference between the new and old models of Linshang window tint meter. You can buy choose the instrument according to your needs!