Coating Thickness Meter for Plating and Paint Layer Thickness Detection

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We believe that many people do not know what the coating thickness meter does. We will briefly introduce the role of the coating thickness meter for everyone.
      The coating thickness meter is a very precise instrument, it is a professional equipment that can be used to detect the plating layer, paint film, anti-corrosion layer, PCB dry film and various coating thicknesses. For this reason, Linshang Technology has launched a variety of coating thickness meters for different application fields.
      Speaking of coating thickness meters , we have to mention Linshang Technology, which was established in 2008. The company adheres to the principle of quality innovation, focus on integrity and insists on independent design, research, development and production of various measuring instruments. Typical products in the coating category are the Linshang LS223 paint thickness gauge. This coating thickness meter is equipped with two probes, F3N3 and F5N3. The measuring ranges are 0-3000μm and 0-5000μm, respectively.
      Here are the advantages of Linshang coating thickness meter:

  1. The operation of the instrument is very simple, no calibration is required just need zero adjustment.

  2. The coating thickness meter uses a ruby probe, which is wear-resistant , corrosion-resistant, durable and cost-effective.

  3. Under the Fe / NFe mode, the instrument can automatically identify the measurement substrate and switch to the corresponding measurement mode automatically.

  4. The probe of the coating thickness meter adopts advanced digital probe technology, the measurement data is not easy to be disturbed, the measurement accuracy is guaranteed. It can be applied to a variety of measurement environments.

  5. The portable coating thickness meter host and probe adopt a separate design. The LS223 corrosion thickness gauge host can switch between 3mm and 5mm probes with different ranges.

LS223 coating thicknesss meters

Don't underestimate such a seemingly simple measuring tool, there are very rich scientific principles behind the coating thickness meter. There are probes with different frequencies and wafer sizes inside the coating thickness meter , which can realize the measurement of the surface coating thickness of different materials. It adopt different measurement methods according to the different measurement materials.
      Linshang dry film thickness gauges use the Hall effect and eddy current effect principles. The coating thickness measurement used in the electroplating industry is mainly LS220H and LS221 coating thickness meters , which have small measurement errors, high reliability and stability.              



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