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Ultraviolet lamp is a device that can emit ultraviolet rays in the wavelength range of 10nm to 400nm. It is widely used. Common ultraviolet lamps include black light, LED lamp, fluorescent lamp and mercury lamp. To detect the ultraviolet intensity of different wavelengths, a professional UV light tester is required .

There are several types of UV lamps:

1. Black light

Black light is also called wood light. The light emitted is mainly UVA long-wave ultraviolet light and a small amount of visible light. The light source of the black light can be generated by fluorescent lamps, light emitting diodes and mercury lamps.

Black light can be used for medical treatment, detecting fluorophores, detecting the authenticity of banknotes and also for curing, sun beds (sun beds), etc. Detection of black light requires the use of a special UV light tester with an UVA probe.

2.LED lights

Light emitting diodes are the LEDs we often say and they have been widely used in various industries. Today, the light emitted by LEDs covers visible light, infrared and ultraviolet.

Common LED UV lamps are UVC LED light sources for disinfection, UVA LED light sources for curing exposure and UVB LED lamps for phototherapy. To measure LED light sources, special LED probes are used. At present, Linshang Technology provides specialized UV light testsers and has launched three professional probes –UVALED, UVALED-X1 and UVCLED. The three probes can be used to detect these two types of LED ultraviolet lamps.

LS125 UV light tester

3.Fluorescent lights

The ultraviolet fluorescent lamp is composed of a tube, a filter, a black box made of black material and a viewing port baffle or transparent plexiglass that emits a certain range of ultraviolet light. It can mainly pass UVA at 365nm and UVC at 253.7nm. At present, it is mainly used for gem identification. The UVA and UVC probes can be used together with a special UV light tester for intensity detection.

4.Mercury lamp 

Mercury lamps contain mercury vapor inside and can produce bright light by means of gas discharge. Mercury lamps are made of heat-resistant glass. There are electrodes on both sides of the lamp tube. The internal air needs to be evacuated first and then filled with mercury and argon. Then the lamp tube is energized. After the power is applied, the mercury in the interior will evaporate and be excited by electrons to emit light. It can be divided into low-pressure mercury lamp, high-pressure mercury lamp and ultra-high-pressure mercury lamp (visible light).

Low-pressure mercury lamp can emit strong ultraviolet UVC which can be used for sterilization and disinfection. You can use an UV light tester with UVC probe for intensity detection. The high-pressure mercury lamp has high luminous efficiency and long service life. It can be used as a light source for photo printers and curing machines. Its main effect is a UVA with a wavelength of 365 nm. It can be detected by a UV light tester with a UVA probe.

For more details about this multi-probe UV meter, please read "Multi-probe UV Light Tester Application and Usage".



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