UV Radiometer For UV Aging Testing

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1. What is UV aging?

The ultraviolet light aging test mainly uses a fluorescent ultraviolet lamp as a light source, by simulating the ultraviolet radiation and condensation in natural sunlight and performing accelerated weathering tests on the corresponding materials to obtain the results of the materials weather resistance.

2. Why do we need to do aging test?

When the product is placed in the atmosphere for a period of time, different problems will occur, such as changes in appearance, including cracks, spots, chalking, or color changes and even a decline in performance, which may be due to the loss of molecules in the resin. The chemical bonds in the molecular structure have changed, mainly due to sunlight, industrial exhaust gases, bacteria and so on.

The aging performance of the product directly affects the service life of the product, so the aging test is of great significance! Atmospheric natural aging test is to place a plastic sample on an exposure rack and directly under the natural climate environment, withstand sunlight, heat and atmospheric humidity , Oxygen and ozone, industrial pollution and other factors. The performance changes before and after the test to evaluate the weather resistance of the material, the selection of the test site in the aging test can represent the most severe type of climate. In the area, or near the area where the material is actually used, the test site should be empty and flat. There should be no obstacles affecting the test results. The test stand should face the equator and make an angle of 45 ° with the ground.
       When the main performance index of the sample has fallen below the minimum allowable value of actual use or a certain critical retention rate, the test party ends. In most cases, the test is terminated when the main performance index of the sample drops to 50% of the initial value. Since the natural aging process is a very slow process and there are great differences in different geographical environments, this makes it difficult to evaluate the aging resistance of the product. Attempts have been made to evaluate the aging properties of plastics in a short period of time. This is the accelerated aging test. The accelerated aging test can use human light sources that simulate fluorescent lamps, including carbon arc lamps, xenon arc lamps and fluorescent ultraviolet lamps. These artificial light sources will produce much stronger light than the natural sunlight on the ground. When these artificial light sources are used, the condenser is often used to simulate the combined effects of rain drop and dew on the product for aging test.

3. How to do UV aging test?

【Linshang Technology】 As a professional UV radiometer manufacturer, in the 12 years of growth, we have developed a series of UV radiometers for various industries. Linshang LS125 + UVA-X1 probe UV radiometeris a dedicated instrument for UV aging lamp intensity detection. This UV radiometer has the following characteristics:

UV radiometer

1. The instrument has powerful statistical functions, which can count the maximum value, minimum value, real-time power value, measurement time and energy value.

2. The instrument can measure energy value and power value at the same time.

3. The instrument has three measurement units of μW / cm2, mW / cm2, and W / m2. The user can choose it without manual calculation.