Important of Detecting Coating Thickness

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1. The importance of detecting film thickness

Film thickness management is the process of controlling the paint film thickness during construction and detecting, analyzing, judging and quality feedback. The purpose is to make the coating thickness on each part of the product not only meet the thickness specified in the design, but also to avoid waste caused by excessive thickness. Therefore, film thickness management is an important link in coating management. The correct film thickness can ensure coating service life and save material costs. Regarding film thickness management methods, different industries have issued relevant coating film thickness detection methods. Users can use special paint thickness gaugesto measure according to regulations.

paint thickness gauge

2. How to choose the right paint thickness gauge?

 Paint thickness gauges are used in a variety of precise measurement applications. Unlike ordinary consumables, the equipment is not only required to run for three to five years. Everyone wants to buy a paint thickness gauge with good quality and high cost performance. The safe way is to choose products from manufacturers with good reputation, strong professionalism and high market retention. This requires us to judge and choose according to many aspects.
     First of all, before buying a paint thickness gauge , everyone must understand this equipment. When you understand it, you must ensure comprehensiveness, such as his physical characteristics, performance and operation. Selecting a regular and reliable paint thickness gauge  manufacturer represents the quality assurance of the equipment. Manufacturer's service is also very important. Service is not only pre-sale service, it also includes professional technical service and after-sales service.
     In addition, pay attention to the accuracy of the equipment when purchasing, because the accuracy of different equipment is different, so everyone must choose the accuracy that is suitable for their own use according to their real needs. At the same time, we must also pay attention to the sales price of equipment. This is a problem that many people pay attention to. When you choose equipment, you must pay attention to measuring the value that the equipment you choose can bring to yourself. Of course, quality is the most important when buying a paint thickness gauge and the price can only be a range of reference. We recommend using Linshang LS223 paint thickness gauge. Linshang Technology was established in 2008. Linshang – as a paint thickness gauge manufacturer focus on innovation , development, integrity and independent design, research and development. The representative products in the coating category are the Linshang LS223 paint thickness gauge. This paint thickness gauge is equipped with two probes, F3N3 and F5N3. The measuring ranges are 0-3000μm and 0-5000μm, respectively.

 Here are the advantages of Linshang paint thickness gauge :

1. The operation of the instrument is very simple, no frequent calibration is required. Only simple zero adjustment is required to start the measurement.

2. The paint thickness gauge uses a ruby probe, which is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. The instrument is durable and cost-effective.

3. Under the Fe / NFe mode, the instrument can automatically identify the measurement substrate and quickly and automatically switch.

4. The probe adopts the advanced digital probe technology, the measurement data is not easy to be disturbed to ensure the measurement accuracy. It can be applied to a variety of measurement environments.

5. The host and probe of the portable paint thickness gauge adopt a separate design. The LS223 host can freely switch between 3mm and 5mm probes with different ranges.

Linshang paint thickness gauges use the principle of Hall effect and eddy current effect. The paint thickness gauges used in the plating industry are mainly LS220H and LS221 paint thickness gauges, which have small measurement errors, high reliability, good stability and easy operation.