Portable UV Meter Application

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Ultraviolet is a general term for radiation with a wavelength of 10-400 nm in the electromagnetic spectrum. It can be used for sterilization, but excessive ultraviolet radiation can cause harm to the human body. Portable UV meter can be used for ultraviolet irradiance measurement, so as to better control the intensity of ultraviolet radiation in industrial and scientific fields. This article is a simple scientific knowledge of UV and the application of portable UV meter.

First of all, let's talk about the portable UV meter, also called ultraviolet intensity meter, which is composed of a UV probe and a host for reading. The two parts are connected with a aviation plug. In industry, it is mainly used for monitoring radiation radiation, sterilization and exposure control during welding. 
      Ultraviolet rays can be divided into long, medium and short wavelength bands, namely UVA, UVB and UVC. UVC is almost completely blocked by the ozone layer. The UVB band can directly reach the skin surface, which can burn the skin and expose the blisters. Long-wave UVA can directly damage the dermis and cause melanin precipitation. From a visual point of view, the appropriate ultraviolet radiation, which is often referred to as sun exposure, can promote bone growth and avoid rickets. However, when people are exposed to strong ultraviolet radiation for a long time, not only sun protection is affected, the skin will have obvious pain. The skin's anti-aging ability will declining, human skin will become more and more loose. The intensity of ultraviolet rays can reach 10 under sun exposure and ultraviolet rays are also everywhere in the shade. The solar radiation is weak in winter and the intensity of ultraviolet rays is low. However, in snowy days, the ultraviolet rays reflect through the snow. The amplitude is greatly enhanced, which can easily cause damage to the skin.

portable UV meter

Ultraviolet rays are not only harmful to the human body, they play an irreplaceable role in sterilization. Some portable UV meterscan detect skin spots and provide treatment recommendations for skin diseases and anti-aging. Ultraviolet rays can also treat wounds. By directly affecting them, slowing down cell proliferation and promoting wound healing. Through UV detection, we can better improve sun protection for the human body. In high altitude areas such as Tibet, the ultraviolet rays are strong and the human skin is damaged. Therefore, we see that the face of the local people is red. In fact, it is red bloodshot caused by ultraviolet rays. With the portable UV meter, you can understand the UV intensity more accurately.
      Next, let's take a look at how portable UV meters are used.
      In the production of many supplies, portable UV meters are required, such as sun umbrellas, sun glasses, sun clothes, sun sprays, etc. that are common in daily life. Through UV intensity indicator cards, we can understand their approximate UV protection. In the industrial field, such as UV-resistant double-layer glass, welding arc light, physiotherapy lamp, etc., a more professional and more accurate portable UVmeter is required. When in use, the reading can be detected through the light-sensitive surface of the probe to obtain the irradiance value. The portable UV meter used in the laboratory can measure the ultraviolet amplitude irradiation. 
      The application prospect of portable UV meter is very wide. When storing the instrument, we should store the instrument in a suitable temperature and humidity to prevent the accuracy from being affected by chronic damage.

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