Application Fields of UV Light Intensity Meter

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Why use a UV light intensity meter? Because in our life or production process, the application of ultraviolet rays is very extensive, but our naked eyes cannot capture and see the intensity of ultraviolet rays, so we need to use an UV light intensity meter to detect the intensity of ultraviolet rays for us.

What are the application areas where we can use UV light intensity meters around us? Here are some examples:

1. Hospitals, medical institutions, and disease control centers

As we all know, the principle of ultraviolet germicidal lamp is to use ultraviolet radiation to photodegrade and denature bacteria's body proteins, so that the bacteria's amino acids, nucleic acids and enzymes are destroyed and died. However, the intensity of sterilization needs to be adjusted to moderate, too strong or too weak. Irradiation of ultraviolet rays with too strong intensity will cause waste of resources, and too weak ultraviolet rays will not reach the intensity required for sterilization. At this time, ultraviolet intensity detection is required Instrument to detect ultraviolet rays.

UV light intensity meter

2. The intensity and energy detection of multiple light sources

Many light sources used in industrial production include high-pressure mercury lamps, halogen lamps, gallium lamps, iron lamps, and UV LED lamps, etc., their functions are different due to their wavelength differences. Take UV curing as an example, only the UV light source does not decay will have the best curing effect. However, with the increase of the use time of the UV light source, the intensity of the UV light source will decline. At this time, a UV light intensity meter is needed. Check its intensity to determine if a new lamp needs to be replaced.

3. UV intensity and energy test of UVA / UVB and other light sources

Take UVB light source as an example. Common UVB light source lamp has reptile lamp, plant growth irradiate lamp and health lamp. The participation of ultraviolet light in the light must be sufficient and not too strong, otherwise it will affect animals, plants and human bodies. Bringing harm, so the ultraviolet intensity detector also plays an important role here, controlling the intensity of ultraviolet rays in a proper range, so that various lamps and lanterns play their maximum role. Even the ultraviolet intensity in sunlight can be detected by an ultraviolet intensity detector, which shows how wide the application range of the ultraviolet intensity detector is.

At present, the application range of ultraviolet rays covers many industries and fields, but in order to achieve outstanding results, the intensity of ultraviolet rays must be properly controlled. Among the many UV light intensity meters currently on the market, the UV light intensity meter selected by Linshang Technology is the most professional. The meticulous workmanship and accurate detection values make the Linshang UV light intensity meter a benchmark in the industry. Some types of instruments can also detect the intensity of ultraviolet rays in a very narrow space. With a collection speed of 2048 times / second, you can get very Accurate UV intensity and energy data is dedicated to bringing customers the most professional inspection experience.



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