Application of UV Radiometer in Medical Industry

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When it comes to UV radiometers, many people are confused, but when it comes to UV lamps in hospitals, people are familiar. UV radiometer is a kind of machine used to measure the intensity of ultraviolet rays.
UV radiometeris mainly used in the following industries:
1. Health and medical treatment: UV sterilization and anti-virus, physiotherapy fluorescence analysis
2. Chemical industry: UV lithography
3. Electronic Aerospace
4.Water treatment
5. Meteorology and Agriculture: Breeding
     Since the medical industry is closely related to us and is of most concern, we will introduce the application of the UV radiometer in the medical industry.
Unlike traditional UV radiometers, UV radiometers are independent of visible light and other rays and can independently measure UV intensity. It is mainly used to measure light intensity in fluorescent penetrant inspection and magnetic particle inspection, so it can achieve high precision and high sensitivity.
     In hospitals, the main reliance on sanitation and sterilization is the ultraviolet light, which can adjust the wavelength of ultraviolet rays to kill bacteria or destroy the genetic material (DNA or RNA) of bacteria. The quality control and testing of UV sterilization lamps require UV radiometers.
We can initially find that when the ultraviolet irradiation intensity reaches 90μW / cm², it can be used continuously for one year. As the intensity of UV radiation decreases, its useful life is also shortening. One conclusion is reached: UV lamps with different radiation intensities in the medical industry have different service lives. Not only the advantages and disadvantages of ultraviolet sterilization lamps deeply affect the sterilization effect and the patient's health, but also the state's control of the medical industry hardware is very strict. This requires the hospital to conduct regular self-inspection in time and replace the ultraviolet ray bacteria lamp, assume the responsibility to the patient.
     The Linshang UV radiometer is a good choice. Its measurement degree conforms to national standards and can provide the most basic measurement threshold. And the environment is very adaptable. Even in the relatively low temperature operating room, the UV radiometer can accurately measure the value of UV intensity. In addition, there are a large number of UV sterilization lamps inside the hospital, which is not a small task to measure. The UV radiation meter developed by Linshang can maintain data and work continuously for 200 hours without interruption.
     However, good equipment requires more correct operation methods to continuously improve the accuracy and credibility of the measurement. Therefore, some precautions should be taken when using UV radiometers. Because the ultraviolet uses in hospitals are different, there are often many wavelength classifications.All ultraviolet irradiation lamps are the same model, so different gears need to be selected according to different strengths before testing.