What are the Advantages of UV Printing Technology?

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With UV curing, the light source is critical. Currently, many printers still use traditional mercury lamps. For mercury lamps, we all know that it will not only affect human health, but also pollute the environment. With the development of the times, the advancement of technology and the maturity of research, uv led light sources have gradually developed. UVLED curing light source is a kind of environmental protection light source, which is suitable for many industries. In the UV printing industry, uv led curing light sources are gradually entering the printing industry. UV led is constantly developing. I believe that in the near future, uv led can completely replace the mercury lamps in the printing industry.
     UVLED light sources can replace mercury lamps because they have the following advantages:
     1. Long service life which can reach more than 20,000 hours and the life of the mercury lamp is only about 1500 hours, which needs to be replaced frequently.
     2. It can be used immediately without preheating and can reach the maximum power in an instant.
    3. Fast curing speed, generally only takes a few seconds. The cured product can be immediately put into the next process to improve production efficiency.
    4. Small size, easy to move and install.
    5.Reduce equipment investment and save costs. It can reduce the number of replacements of equipment.
    6.Do not contain mercury and other volatile toxic substances. It not only will not have unhealthy impact on workers, will not affect the environment.
    The importance of UV curing energy detection:   In the UV printing industry, light curing is a relatively advanced technology, mainly UV curing and the rest include infrared and visible light curing. Improving UV light curing efficiency often requires the use of a
UV energy meter.
UV-curable printing inks are a large part of UV-curable materials. They have been widely used in packaging and printing industries and printed circuit industries. Waiting should be brushed in the field.
     In the process of UV printing, the intensity and energy of ultraviolet radiation play an important role in the overall light curing effect. The stable intensity can improve the quality of the light curing product. It is necessary to test the intensity and energy of curing with a UV energy meter.