UV Integrator Dedicated For High-pressure Mercury Lamps

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The high-pressure mercury lamp has the existence of mercury in the lamp as its name implies. The components include a quartz arc tube; an outer bulb coated with phosphor powder; a metal bracket; a resistance component and a lamp cap. The arc tube is the core component and contains mercury and inert gas. The mercury vapor pressure in the arc tube after being energized is about 2 to 15 atmospheres. The light emitted during discharge is white and its luminosity is much higher than that of incandescent lamps. It has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, high light efficiency, long service life, power saving. Now it has been popularized indoor and outdoor industrial lighting and street lighting.
      In addition, the application of ultraviolet high pressure mercury lamps involves many fields. The spectral range of this lamp is between 350nm-450nm and the main peak is 365nm. It has a high power density and effective ultraviolet wavelength. It is light-curing; color printing Ink drying; furniture industry; decoration industry and packaging industry need UV high pressure mercury lamp participation.
Since it is so widely used, the production of high-pressure mercury lamps will also be very professional and rigorous. When you need to know whether the energy and intensity of high-pressure mercury lamps meet the requirements of industrial production, instruments are always required to perform the detection. UV integrators are in It plays an important role here.
       It is said that using UV integrator to measure the energy and intensity of high-pressure mercury lamps is good. Linshang Technology has developed two professional UV integrator LS120 and LS130 for measuring high-pressure mercury lamps. So what are the advantages of these UV integrator? For those, let's elaborate on them one by one.
       Advantages of S120 and S130
UV integrator:
1. Wide measurement spectrum range
L131 UV integrator can test UV energy of many wavebands. It can test light sources in various bands such as 365nm; 375nm; 395nm; 405nm, not just limited to a small range.
       2. Precision and data diversity
The UV integrator will collect the spectral data at a high rate up to 2000 times per second. At the same time, it will detect the power and energy values. It can display the power curve diagram, displaying the data of the current test light source in all directions.
      3.Authoritative certification
      The data obtained from the LS130 UV integrator test can ensure that it passes the inspection of the national authority.
      4.Heat resistance and large capacity
The instrument adopts a heat-resistant metal casing, which can work under the environment of up to 100 degrees Celsius for a long time, which is suitable for more testing occasions. The internal large memory can store more than 60,000 test data.
Such a powerful UV integrator has excellent support for the field of high-pressure mercury lamps. When you need a UV integrator for high-pressure mercury lamps, please contact Linshang Technology.