Application of UV Light Source and UV Integrator

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UV is an abbreviation of the English word for ultraviolet light, which is an energy light. This kind of energy can produce ultraviolet radiation light. Compared with traditional equipment, it has the characteristics of time and labor saving, strong energy, great effect, energy saving and environmental protection. UV integrator is a professional instrument to understand the change of UV energy intensity, which is very important in the use and reading of UV energy.
      The energy of UV is very strong. Ultraviolet spectrum can be divided into long wave, medium wave, short wave, vacuum and so on according to the wavelength range and the photon energy. In order to better use UV energy in production, people use UV light sources as a source of UV energy. The UV light source is applied to different equipment. Many industrial instruments using the UV light source have also been produced. So what are the application equipment of the UV light source?
      UV light source can be applied to UV skin detector. Ultraviolet skin detector uses ultraviolet energy to detect skin diseases. For example, according to the principle of folliculitis showing strong orange-red under the excitation of ultraviolet light, the UV skin detector can clearly show skin problems such as clogged pores and excessive oil secretion. It can also show UV spots and sunburn caused by excessive UV irradiation. Skin problems such as injuries. In addition, the energy of ultraviolet rays can also be used for moisture analysis, texture analysis, skin color analysis, pigment analysis, inflammation analysis, etc., which helps us to better analyze and treat our skin problems. However, as excessive ultraviolet radiation is harmful to human skin, light people will feel skin tingling. Therefore, an UV integrator must be used to timely detect whether the intensity of the UV light source is at a normal level and whether there is an abnormal energy light source during work, otherwise excessive ultraviolet energy radiation will back-bite the human body.
      UV light sources can also be applied to UV photooxygen equipment and UV photolysis equipment. This type of equipment is mainly used for waste treatment. It provides an ideal energy utilization and environmental pollution treatment method for how to degrade excess waste. In the application of this kind of equipment, UV integrator is very important, because excessive UV irradiation will affect the normal chemical reaction rate, so that the normally normal chemical degradation waste cannot be performed normally, so we must always pay attention to the data change on the UV integrator.
      UV light sources can also be applied to fast curing technology. Such as fast curing UV glue, such as low-energy cold light UV lamp (40w LED ultraviolet lamp) irradiation for 5 seconds to complete curing, 120W LED ultraviolet lamp for 3 seconds to completely cure. UV LED technology also has applications in the printing field, such as a printing method using UVLED light emitting diodes as a curing light source. This can greatly reduce the waste of printing resources and make printing technology more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

UV integrator

The application of UV curing to the field of UV coatings is also an emerging UV application. It is worth noting that with the increase of UVLED irradiation time, UV coatings (such as physical properties, adhesion) gradually become higher due to the curing reaction. However, after a period of time, due to the aging of molecules or excessive shrinkage of the volume caused by irradiation, the physical properties of UV deteriorate, so special attention should be paid to the readings of the UV integrator during use.
      With a professional UV integrator, good results can be achieved in the use of UV and the application of UV light sources.



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