Detection of Germicidal Lamps by Ultraviolet Light Meter

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The detection of UV germicidal lamps by the ultraviolet light meter can monitor the intensity of UV energy and make an estimate of the service life and performance of the UV germicidal lamps. So why do we use an ultraviolet light meter to detect the UV germicidal lamps? How about it? Which ultraviolet light meter is recommended in this process?
       Ultraviolet light meter is very necessary for the detection of ultraviolet disinfection lamps. Ultraviolet sterilization lamps can emit UVC short-wave sterilization ultraviolet rays. These ultraviolet rays destroy the microorganism's DNA and RNA, break the biological DNA chain with the DNA helix and lose the ability to reproduce. This is why UV disinfection lamps are widely used in family life. However, in the process of producing ultraviolet disinfection and germicidal lamps, the intensity detection of the germicidal lamps on the production line needs to be performed with an ultraviolet light meter. Otherwise, the ultraviolet energy of the sterilization lamp is too low and it will not play a significant role in disinfection and sterilization. When the energy intensity is too high, it may cause harm to the human body and it will also bring certain hidden dangers in use.
       The detection of the ultraviolet light meter also plays an important role in timely replacement or repair of obsolete UV disinfection lamps. Ultraviolet disinfection lamps are widely used in the disinfection of bathrooms, toilets, mop pools and other places where bacteria are most likely to breed. The principle of UV disinfection and sterilization of the room is mainly sterilized by ultraviolet radiation. The UV disinfection and sterilization of ordinary households does not contain ozone. This is because ozone is harmful to the human body. However, some ultraviolet germicidal lamps will inevitably produce some ozone emission. The ultraviolet germicidal lamps that use too long will produce more ozone. Many people think that there will be no UV when the lights are turned off after use. It is true that ultraviolet rays are instantaneous and there is no delay, but ultraviolet rays can change the oxygen in the air into ozone. Ultraviolet rays are also harmful to human skin and also have a certain impact on potted flowers and plants grown in the home. The detection intensity of the ultraviolet light meter can be used to adjust the irradiation intensity in time. Judging the use and effect of the UV disinfection lamp according to the results can help consumers choose the most suitable UV disinfection lamp. It can also minimize the harm of ozone to the human body.

ultraviolet light meter

Linshang LS126C ultraviolet light meter is professionally used to detect the intensity of UVC light sources with accurate measurement accuracy and high resolution. It also has Bluetooth function and can be wirelessly connected to the mobile phone data. It uses high-precision UVC filters and professional UV sensors to eliminate the impact of other factors. At the same time, Linshang ultraviolet light meter has stable data. Choosing the right ultraviolet light meter to detect UV disinfection and germicidal lamps is an option worth considering.



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