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With the advancement of technology, the materials of ceramic tiles are becoming more and more diverse. At present, a new type of tile with full polishing glaze has attracted much attention. Unlike ordinary polished tiles, full polished glaze is different from ordinary polished tiles. The surface glaze is a special crystal wear-resistant glaze. After high temperature sintering, the molecules are completely sealed and there is almost no gap. It can be durable for a long time to maintain the highlight without dim as well as hard and wear-resistant. Mohs hardness is above 6 degrees and water absorption is less than 0.5%.

1. Pros of fully polished glazed tiles

(1) High value: full polished glazed tile using polishing technology and printed beautiful antique pattern on the tile, making it look beautiful and atmospheric. At the same time, it also brings good visual effects to people. The decoration effect is very significant, which instantly improves the grade of the entire living room.

(2) Good gloss: Full polished glazed tiles are fired at high temperature, the same as the manufacturing process of polished tiles. During the production process, the specific gloss of the fully polished glazed tile surface can be detected by continuously using the Linshang gloss metre. Secondly, the crystal wear-resistant glaze on the brick surface can also be used to seal the molecules inside the tile, so that the inside and the outside of the tile are completely isolated. 

(3) Good water absorption and breathability: Fully polished glazed tiles have very good water absorption and breathability. If we sprinkle water on the tiles, the tiles can absorb the water quickly and they can be restored to dryness in a short time.

2. Cons of full polished glazed tiles

(1) Poor impact resistance: The impact resistance of the fully polished glazed tile is relatively poor. It is easy to break if it is strongly collided, so the fully polished glazed tile is not suitable for use on the floor of the aisle in public places.

(2) Expensive: The production method of full polished glazed tiles is more delicate and the external light is more beautiful, its price will be slightly more expensive than other ceramic tiles. 

3. Purchase tips of full polished glazed tiles

(1) Check the regularity of the tiles

Tiles of the same size differ by no more than 2 millimeters. Also pay attention to whether the perimeter of the tile is flat and the thickness is uniform.

(2) Check the water absorption of the tiles

Full polishing glaze is a traditional polishing tile that undergoes a glaze process after polishing the tile and then requires secondary polishing to obtain the product. Therefore, when checking the water absorption of fully polished glazed tiles, pour a small amount of water on the back of the tile and let it stay for 10 minutes. If the water drops do not spread and penetrate, it proves that the water absorption rate is low and the tightness of the tile is good. 

(3) Check the gloss of the tiles

The surface gloss of the tile is also closely related to the sintered compactness of the tile, which usually shows a positive correlation. For relatively good quality tiles, its high gloss tends to make the glaze bright and smooth. It can reflect a uniform gloss under the light. Poor quality tiles will have low gloss, look dull. It has poor reflection and refraction effects. Then when choosing a tile, you need to use a gloss metre to measure the gloss of the tile. When buying a tile, you can not only observe it with the naked eye, but also use the gloss metre to select high-quality tiles with a gloss of between 70% and 90%.

gloss metre

This slight gap requires a high-precision gloss metre to survey. The Linshang LS191 and LS192 gloss metres can measure through 60 degree angle. The advantages of the two gloss metres are as follows:
      (1) Temperature compensation can be performed, which can ensure that the data remains stable for a long period of time. Frequent calibration is not required.
      (2) It is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery with very low functional consumption. It can be used for more than 50 hours on a full charge.
      In addition, when measuring the gloss of tiles using a gloss metre, people should pay attention to avoid direct light, so as to avoid deviation in the accuracy of the data.
      The full glazing perfectly combines the characteristics of different types of ceramic tile products and perfectly realizes the decorative and practical performance of ceramic tiles. The glaze has a complex and intricate pattern of antique tiles and also has a polished and bright surface. Therefore, full-glazed is not only very popular, but also will dominate the ceramic tile market in the future. Moreover, the full-glazed glaze is consistent with people's consumption habits. 



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