Glass Thickness Tester | Is the Windshield Laminated Glass?

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Due to the translucency and reflectivity of the glass, it is often used in places that have certain requirements for light and color, such as optical instruments and various artistic decorations. Modern technology has brought new vigor and vitality to the glass industry. The glass performance has also greatly improved.

1. Is the windshield a laminated glass?

There are three main types of automotive glass: laminated glass, tempered glass and regional tempered glass, which can withstand strong impact forces. Automotive glass is divided into four types according to the location: front windshield, side window glass, rear windshield and sunroof glass. You can use the Linshang glass thickness tester to detect the specific thickness of various glasses.
        The front windshield must be laminated glass according to the stipulations, but some inexpensive agricultural vehicle front shields are still toughened glass or regional toughened glass; the side window glass is toughened glass. The rear windshield is generally toughened glass with electric heating wire.

2. How to identify whether it is safety glass?

Safety glass refers to tempered glass, laminated glass and other glass products processed from tempered glass or laminated glass in combination with current national standards, such as safety insulating glass. According to different needs, safety glass can be made of ordinary glass, tempered glass, heat-reinforced glass, or hollow glass. Safety glass has good safety, impact resistance and penetration resistance. It also has the functions of anti-theft, explosion-proof and anti-impact.

laminated glass

(1) Check if there is a 3C certification mark on the safety glass.
        (2) Tapping the glass with your hand, if the glass makes a crisp sound, it means that the glass is tempered glass, otherwise it is ordinary glass.
        (3) Using polarizers, tempered glass can see the colored articles on the sides of the glass through the polarizers. When viewed on the surface of the glass, you can see black and white spots. The polarizer can be found in the camera lens or glasses. Pay attention to the adjustment of the light source when observing, so it is easier to observe.

3. laminated glass thickness measurement

glass thickness tester

Linshang Technology has two glass thickness measuring tools. One is the classic LS200 glass thickness tester. The instrument is marked with a scale. The user needs to read the thickness data from the scale. The other is the latest digital glass thickness tester LS201, the instrument can automatically display the thickness data. The maximum thickness of the glass that the LS200 can measure is 70mm and the maximum thickness of the air layer is 34mm. The number of glass layers that the instrument can measure is unlimited. As long as the reflected laser point still appears within the scale of the instrument, we can read data from the scale.
        The maximum thickness of the glass that the LS201 can measure is 70mm and the maximum thickness of the air layer is 45mm. In addition to insulating glass, LS201 digital glass thickness tester can also measure a variety of multilayer glass or laminated glass.



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