Information of UV lamps and Choice of UV Power Meter

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I. What is UV?

Is there any other invisible light after the sunlight is decomposed into seven-color light? Silver chloride will decompose when heated or exposed to light and the precipitated silver will be black due to the small particles. The sunlight will be dispersed in purple light after prism dispersion. There is also an invisible light on the outside, which scientists call ultraviolet light.

2. Application range of UV lamp

It has a wide range of applications. It can sterilize bedding, pillows, bedding and indoor air by ultraviolet light irradiation, especially the bedrooms of elderly, infants and frail patients. Frequent UV lamp disinfection is extremely effective in improving living environment and health. In addition, this product can also regularly sterilize living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms that have not been exposed to sunlight for a long time. It can also be used in hospital wards, clinics, laboratories, injection rooms, changing rooms, injection rooms and corporate offices, conference rooms, cafeterias,etc.

3.  Influence of the ultraviolet lamp light energy and the choice of the UV power meter

The deep curing of UV lamp radiation is mainly based on the fact that the molecules must absorb light quanta with sufficient energy to become excited molecules. Decomposes into free radicals or ions and makes unsaturated organic compounds enter the polymerization, grafting, crosslinking and other chemical reactions to achieve the purpose of curing. The light energy of the UV lamp photoinitiator in the UV coating supplied in the base is more or less than the required energy as follows:

It is known that the UV lamp energy required by the photoinitiator is to ensure complete curing. It is normal that the energy supplied is reasonably greater than the required energy. It is unknown that the UV lamp light energy required by the photoinitiator is blindly overcharged. This method not only wastes energy, but also causes the negative effects of excessive curing, stage explosion polymerization, anti-curing reaction, etc. When the energy of the UV lamp is insufficient, it will cause the UV coating to cure completely and the surface will not dry.        

Therefore, during the curing process, the UV energy must be moderate, that is, neither excessive nor insufficient, which has caused the incomplete curing.

UV power meter

Therefore, we need to test the energy of ultraviolet rays. We know that ultraviolet rays can be used for both curing and sterilization. If it is UV energy detection for sterilization, we can use UV power meter. For energy detection of curing lamps we can use UV power meters. For different application industries, we can choose different instruments for testing.

In people's daily life, if there is no anti-virus for a long time, you can install ultraviolet lamps for sterilization, equipped with ultraviolet lamp monitoring equipment, monitor at regular intervals to prevent abnormal ultraviolet lamp sterilization. There are many UV energy detection products produced by Linshang Technology. If there is need, users can contact us at



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