Transmittance Meter | Measures to Improve Frosted Glass Transmittance

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There are many types of glass. Frosted glass, as one of them, has distinctive characteristics and is favored by most people. Transmittance meter has guiding significance in the selection of frosted glass.

1. The concept of frosted glass

The basic feature of frosted glass is light transmission and opacity, which can protect the privacy of modern people's lives. It has a beautiful appearance and high light transmittance, which is not inferior to ordinary glass. The frosted glass surface can be divided into two types: single-sided frosted and double-sided frosted. The surface sandblasting technique is mainly based on physical and chemical methods. Frosted glass has strong plasticity and can be processed into buildings, furniture and electrical appliances.

2. Measures to improve the transmittance of frosted glass

Although the light transmittance of frosted glass is comparable to the light transmittance of ordinary glass, as the use time increases and the dust and grit in the outside air wear, its light transmittance will decline. In addition, some people like frosted glass with extremely high light transmittance. In response to these needs, we often adopt several basic measures such as sticking antireflection films, adding brighteners and constantly refining the processing steps.

(1) Paste AR coating

Sticking an antireflection film on frosted glass is the most commonly used method by the public. It can not only effectively protect the glass from scratches, but also improve the brightness of the frosted glass surface. There are some high-quality antireflection films that can make frosted glass transmittance up to 99%, which can enhance the aesthetic effect of the original glass.

(2) Add brightener

Adding brightener is a key step in the glass making process. Due to the different degree of light transmission required for different types of frosted glass, the amount of brightener should also be careful. It can be said that the brightness enhancer largely determines the effect and performance of the final product. Brightness enhancer is a chemical agent, which has a certain relationship with the ability of frosted glass to refract light and ultraviolet protection.

(3) The actual measurement of the transmittance meter


It is of practical significance to use the transmittance meter to detect the quality of frosted glass in the industry. Although the transmittance meter is easy to operate, the choice of light transmittance requires careful consideration. The measurement performance of Linshang transmittance meter is very good, which can help glass manufacturers to screen out inferior products with low light transmittance and improve the overall work efficiency.
        The transmittance meter can realize fast data display and reflects the common statistical data such as maximum value, minimum value and average value. Linshang transmittance meter is more accurate and reliable for the numerical detection of transparent objects such as frosted glass.