Transmittance Meter | Ultra-clear Glasses Performance

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When we are decorating our home or shopping in the store, we can always touch the spotless, transparent and clean glass window and glass doors. They undoubtedly give people the enjoyment of beauty. Different glass products have different light transmittances. The atmosphere and mood created by people are completely different. Then the comparison of light transmission performance still depends on the detection of the transmittance meter.
        The types of glass used in our lives are relatively complex. There are quite a few different types of glass according to the classification criteria. Here we aim at the light transmission performance of glass. The standards of light transmittance can include ultra-white rolled glass, ultra-white dispersive glass, ultra-white anti-reflection glass and ultra-white rolled photovoltaic glass. Select most glass products and according to the measurement of transmittance meter, their specific light transmission performance is as follows:

No.  Category Transmittance
1 Ultra-white rolled glass 91% -91.5%
2 Super white dispersive glass 91.5% -92%
3 Super white anti-reflection glass 95% -97.5%
4 Super white rolled photovoltaic glass 95% -97.5%

It can be seen intuitively that the light transmittance of the above-mentioned types of ultra-clear glass far exceeds the value of 90%. Compared with ordinary glass, this ultra-clear glass has obvious advantages in terms of quality technology and beautiful decoration.
        From the perspective of raw materials, ultra-clear glass is made of steel, which has strong stability and heat resistance. They contain very few impurities (such as iron) during the production process. Their high purity also guarantees their fundamental safety (avoid bursting). This ultra-clear glass can effectively prevent the penetration and irradiation of ultraviolet rays in the sunlight. It has a strong practical significance for protecting the furniture and other valuable facilities in the house. Compared with the traditional ordinary glass, this ultra-clear glass on the market is also more outstanding with its added value.
        According to the actual light transmittance, the reason why the overall ultra-white glass has higher light transmittance than ordinary glass is because the metal elements contained in its raw materials are very low and the final forged glass is more pure. I feel crystal clear and pleasing to the eye. In addition, the excellent transparency quality of ultra-white glass itself can enhance the transmission of light and reduce the self-absorption of light, so that the external objects can be seen more clearly through the glass. Of course, the high transparency of ultra-clear glass is closely related to its actual performance. The higher light transmittance is also accompanied by extremely strong anti-aging properties and the heat resistance is also directly proportional to it. Relevant industries should pay attention to their daily maintenance while using ultra-clear glass. 
        So our comparison of the transmission performance of ultra-white glass is not purely eye judgment, but relies on the transmittance meter. It should be noted that the thickness of some ultra-clear glass is very different, we should choose transmittance meters that can be used to test large thickness materials. Accuracy and error range are the parameters that we can focus on.