UV Dosimeter | Pigment Color Curing Technology

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The color curing technology of pigments can help people solve the problem of color printing and dyeing, which is inseparable from the huge role of ultraviolet rays. Under normal circumstances, the UV dosimeter can effectively detect the attenuation of ultraviolet energy. With the development of technology, UV curing has gradually replaced the traditional technology. UV curing is also called ultraviolet curing. The energy value during curing can be effectively detected by using an UV dosimeter.

UV dosimeter

Theoretically, there is a big difference in the light absorption capacity of different colors. Often dull colors will have a strong ability to absorb light, while lighter colors are more likely to reflect light. UV curing technology utilizes the properties that different wavelengths possessed by ultraviolet light can be absorbed by different colors. Ultraviolet curing technology not only appears in the pigment curing industry, but also has been practically applied in the ink and coating industries.
       UV curing agent is a substance that can change small molecules into large molecules, which can significantly improve the quality of printed products. It makes the finished products more delicate and beautiful. And it can clearly see the effect in color printing and penetration. Generally speaking, the UV curing technology can make the curing of the pigment color more clean, which greatly avoids the problems of ghosting and blurring. The UV curing technology in the professional field requires the use of specific wavelengths of ultraviolet light.
       The role of the UV dosimeter is specifically to help people quantify the ultraviolet energy and control the energy of the ultraviolet lamp in the required range. It can stabilize the light intensity, make the ultraviolet radiation have a certain stability, so as to ensure the smoothness and smoothness of printed products. In many printing and dyeing industries, we use materials of different materials in the actual operation of pigment colors. Take titanium dioxide as an example. The ultraviolet band it absorbs is about 380nm (basically the band that can reflect all energy), so as to penetrate the ink. Some UV lamps do not reach the standard due to light intensity. The thickness of the ink is too thick to reach the bottom smoothly. The finished product will be ghosted or lack basic definition. This kind of UV lamp requires technicians to use UV dosimeter to detect and eliminate it in time.
       Different models of UV dosimeters have different measurement bands, some are dedicated to the detection of LED lamps. And some are dedicated to the detection of high-pressure mercury lamps. As a low-cost and long-life light source device, LED lamp has become the light source used by most production industries. The LS128 UV dosimeter developed by Linshang Technology is used to detect the ultraviolet energy of LED lamps. In addition to this, this UV dosimeter is very small and delicate, with high precision. It is the first choice for UV LED energy meter.