UV Dosimeter and UV Curing Coating

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1. What is UV curing coating?

As the name implies, paint is a material that can be applied to the object surface to be coated and can form a firmly attached coating film. UV coatings are both UV-curable coatings, which are different from PU, PE and other naming methods. UV coatings are not named after film-forming substances but by curing methods. UV-curing coatings need to be used together with ultraviolet and UV dosimeters.
        UV coating refers to a resin coating (Ultraviolet curing coating) cured by ultraviolet radiation. It is a resin coating that uses ultraviolet as a curing energy and quickly adheres to a film at room temperature. It is generally divided into two categories according to the type of initiator: Free radical UV coatings and cationic UV coatings, we are mainly referring to free radical polymerization UV coatings. The UV dosimeter LS128 is used to measure whether the ultraviolet light source is attenuated.

UV coating

2. UV curing coating advantages

(1) Fast curing speed

It is suitable for large-volume assembly line operations. The curing speed is fast, and it can be cured in a few seconds. Compared with the traditional thermal curing process that requires several hours or even days to cure, it greatly improves the production efficiency and saves the storage space for semi-finished products. To meet the requirements of automated production. There are many factors that affect curing, which has spawned many devices around the UV curing industry. Among them, the intensity of the light source is particularly important. The UV light source will decay after being used for a period of time. At this time, it is necessary to use the UV dosimeter LS128 to determine whether the light source is still valid. If the light source is attenuated, the curing machine will run with half the effort.

(2) Energy saving and high efficiency

UV curing has low energy consumption and high energy utilization. Compared with thermal curing coatings, the energy consumption is about one-fifth.

(3) Green and environmental protection

UV coating is basically free of volatile organic compounds, almost 100% cured into a film, it is a green environmental protection coating.

(4) Excellent coating performance

The coating film is made by crosslinking and curing, and the paint film has high fullness and high hardness. Of course, if you want to ensure the excellent performance of the coating, you must ensure that the UV curing energy can reach the standard. The UV dosimeter LS128 can record the ultraviolet intensity value and temperature value in real time. During the timing of up to 4 minutes, a total of 6W is recorded Article data. The situation inside the curing oven can be seen very clearly. You can also connect to a computer to print out the data.

3. UV dosimeter

UV dosimeter

The Linshang LS120 and LS128 are truly intelligent UV dosimeters. The four interfaces of maximum value, real-time value, temperature curve and power curve can be switched. The meter can export data and print test reports. The performance can be comparable to the UV dosimeters of foreign brands in the United States. It is the UV dosimeter with best quality and best price among Chinese UV dosimeters. Linshang UV dosimeter provides a one-year warranty, lifetime maintenance.