UV Integrator | UV Curing For Ink Industry

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UV is another name we call for ultraviolet rays. The UV curing technology we often say is actually ultraviolet curing technology. This is an efficient and low-cost processing technology that can always be seen in the ink printing industry. In order to ensure the quality of ink UV curing, people in the industry, people will use UV integrator for ultraviolet light source detection.
       Often in ink printing, professionals need to wait a long time for the ink to dry after the color pigments are matched and brushed. This is a time-consuming step, so many drying techniques are required. There are traditionally many drying technologies, such as volatile drying technology and infiltration drying technology. However, the time cost of applying these technologies is very high, so the efficiency of ink printing is not high.
       Modern ink printing UV curing technology is one of the curing drying technologies. It can deeply utilize the powerful radiation energy of ultraviolet rays and radiate derivatives under a certain waveband, which can make the ink turn into a solid in a short time. It is worth noting that when we use ink UV curing technology, the ink basically does not contain any solvent.
       In the ink printing industry, ultraviolet curing equipment can be said to be an artifact of the industry. It mainly contains a light source (mostly high-pressure mercury lamps, which are characterized by low cost, high power and low maintenance cost). The light source is also powerful ultraviolet light. In theory, there are many ultraviolet bands and it is a broad-spectrum ray. Therefore, the ink printing industry needs to select the appropriate wavelength of ultraviolet rays. This greatly depends on the role of UV integrator.

UV integrator

The metal halogen lamp is also a common source of UV curing equipment in the ink printing industry. Due to the difference in the absorption spectrum of different types of ink, using this lamp as a light source, we can add the corresponding according to the actual ink absorption spectrum. However, the quality of metal halogen lamps is high and the purity of the internal materials is high. The manufacturing process is relatively complicated, so most of the lamps on the market are imported lamps. In general, inseparable from the UV curing technology in the ink printing industry is its light radiation intensity measuring instrument-UV integrator. UV integrator is a machine used to measure ultraviolet energy, it can clearly show the count of ultraviolet in different wave bands. UV integrators can measure ultraviolet energy in the 250-410 nanometer range. However, because different UV integrators are designed, manufactured and produced in different ways, there will be some slight deviations in the data when measuring the same ultraviolet light.
       The UV integrator independently developed, designed and developed by Linshang Technology has the characteristics of high accuracy and fast measurement speed. It is relatively small and exquisite and it can ensure normal operation even in high temperature environments. In addition, its liquid crystal interface can directly display the ultraviolet energy intensity. In the ink printing industry, if equipped with such a UV integrator, you can accurately understand the length of time required for UV curing. And it is more convenient for workers to carry out their work.



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