UV Intensity Meter | Underwater UV Disinfection and Intensity Measurement

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Chlorine has unavoidable defects in underwater disinfection, people are constantly looking for a technology that can replace chlorine disinfection. Ultraviolet disinfection lamps have been widely used abroad due to their high efficiency, safety and easy operation.

1. Underwater disinfection method:

At present, the disinfection lamps in the application of underwater disinfection are mainly divided into three categories: low-pressure low-intensity lamps, low-pressure high-intensity lamps and high-strength lamps.
       Under the same UV dose on the microorganisms, the disinfection effect of the three UV lamps is the same. However, the light intensity of the low-pressure low-intensity ultraviolet lamp is relatively weak, the penetration is not high. The sterilization effect of the secondary treatment of the total suspended solids greater than 30mg / L is not good. The medium-pressure UV lamp has the strongest light intensity and high penetration. It is more suitable for the treatment of low-concentration sewage. When treating the same amount of water, if the medium-pressure high-intensity lamp system is used, the number of lamps required is the least, followed by the low-pressure high-intensity lamp. The number of lamps is small, correspondingly the equipment area is also saved. The capital construction costs and lamp maintenance costs are low. However, the photoelectric conversion rate of medium-voltage high-strength lamps is low (only about 15%), the energy consumption is large and the electricity cost is high; While the photoelectric conversion rate of low-voltage low-intensity lamps and low-voltage high-intensity lamps is 30% to 40%. At present, low-pressure high-intensity lamps and medium-pressure high-intensity lamp systems are mostly used in sewage treatment plants. Technical and economic comparisons need to be made according to actual conditions when designing.

2. How many ultraviolet disinfection lamps do you need?

The number of UV lamps usually depends on the amount of UV agent required to destroy live microorganisms. Different microorganisms have different degrees of sensitivity to UV agent. In addition, the problem of UV lamp aging must also be considered. Certain components in the sewage will cause the lamp tube surface to scale and affect the problem of ultraviolet radiation. As a result, it is difficult for the staff to clarify the disinfection situation in the underwater environment and the working status of the ultraviolet disinfection lamp.
       Linshang Technology has invented LS125 UV intensity meters that can be equipped with 9 probes for water treatment high-power germicidal lamps. The probe response wavelength is 230nm-280nm. LS125 UV intensity meter can detect the intensity and energy of germicidal lamps. This UV intensity meter also has an intelligent statistical function, which can automatically record the maximum, minimum and average value of the ultraviolet disinfection lamp when it works. The measurement data can reflect whether the ultraviolet disinfection lamp is still working normally.
       In addition, this UV intensity meter has waterproof function. The waterproof depth can reach 1 meter, even in sewage, it can run normally. It is a genuine product specially built for underwater ultraviolet disinfection lamps.