UV Intensity Tester Used in UV Water Disinfection

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Modern ultraviolet water disinfection technology (UVGI) use the ultraviolet light generating UVC-band ultraviolet light as the disinfection light source. Due to the best balance between efficiency and intensity, it has become the most effective, economic and safe disinfection method on the market. The disinfection effect of ultraviolet water disinfection technology on bacteria, viruses and other pathogens has been recognized worldwide. The UV intensity tester is also extremely important for detecting its ultraviolet intensity.

waterproof UVC meter

I. Ultraviolet water disinfection technology has the following obvious advantages:

1. High efficiency and broad spectrum

Ultraviolet disinfection technology has sterilization efficiency unmatched by other technologies. When the UV intensity tester detects that the ultraviolet intensity is 30000uW / cm, the sterilization effect of ultraviolet on bacteria and viruses is generally within one second. For traditional ultraviolet, chlorine and ozone methods, it usually takes 20-60 minutes to reach the ultraviolet effect. In addition, UV technology has the highest sterilization broad-spectrum among all current disinfection technologies. The qualified ultraviolet intensity detected by the UV intensity tester can effectively kill almost all bacteria and viruses. And it can effectively kill some parasites that are extremely harmful to humans and can not be or cannot be effectively killed by chlorine or ozone (for example: recessive cyst worm cryptosporidium, giardia, etc).

2. No secondary pollution

The ultraviolet disinfection technology does not add any chemicals, it will not cause secondary pollution to the water body and the surrounding environment. It does not produce any by-products that are toxic to humans and aquatic organisms. It has a positive significance for protecting the environment and protecting the health of workers. However, it should be noted that when we use ultraviolet disinfection technology, we must use it together with an UV intensity tester to ensure the anti-virus effect.

3. Safe and reliable operation

In traditional chloride and ozone disinfection technologies, the disinfectant itself is highly toxic, flammable and explosive. The use of these substances poses a potential threat to the safety of operators, the surrounding environment and residents and requires special care. The modern ultraviolet disinfection system and UV intensity tester do not have such hidden safety hazards. It is a relatively safe and reliable disinfection technology for the surrounding environment and operators.

4. Low operation and maintenance costs

Due to the perfection of UV core technology in the 1990s, UV disinfection technology not only has the highest disinfection efficiency among all disinfection methods, but also has the simplest disinfection operation and maintenance. Therefore, its cost performance is the highest among all disinfection technologies. It not only has high efficiency unmatched by other disinfection technologies, but also has the advantages of low cost.

5. Continuous and large-volume disinfection

Another feature of the UV disinfection technology is that it can be continuously disinfected. It runs continuously 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, except for routine maintenance that requires less than one or two hours on a regular basis. In addition, modern UV disinfection can disinfect a large amount of water. The ultraviolet water disinfection is always inseparable from the UV intensity tester, which accurately reflects the energy radiated from the ultraviolet and gives people a very standard data reference.

II. Why do we use UV intensity tester in water disinfection?

We all know that ultraviolet rays need to be at a specific wavelength to effectively kill bacteria and viruses in sewage. Ultraviolet rays at UVC (200-280nm) are the most lethal wavelengths for bacterial viruses. Ultraviolet germicidal lamps in sewage treatment is set at 254nm, which can effectively kill bacteria and viruses and achieve the purpose of purifying harmful microorganisms in sewage. Of course, it is also necessary to use an UV intensity tester to determine whether the ultraviolet germicidal lamp intensity is within the qualified range.

After knowing the advantages of ultraviolet sterilization, a physical disinfection method in sewage treatment. What are the advantages of its good partner UV intensity tester, we will list them one by one:

1. Easy to operate

The UV intensity tester LS125 + UVC-WP is very light and handy. Users can already carry it easily. 

2. Waterproof function

In order to make sterilization underwater. The Linsahng LS125 + UVC-WP UV intensity tester adopts a new waterproof technology, which can easily test the ultraviolet wavelength of ultraviolet germicidal lamp 1 meter below the water.

3. Accurate data

The deviation of Linshang UV intensity tester is very small. And it was calibrated by the Chinese Institute of Metrology.

When an ultraviolet germicidal lamp is equipped with an UV intensity tester, the sterilization and disinfection process of sewage treatment will certainly be more effective.