UV LED Energy Meter | UV LED Exposure Machine Introduction

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The UV LED exposure machine gradually replace the UV mercury lamp exposure machine. LED exposure machine has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, high working efficiency, etc. It is the most ideal substitute of traditional UV mercury lamp exposure machine.
       Ultraviolet exposure machine is an important equipment in the manufacturing process of printed boards. Optical exposure as an important part of the PCB manufacturing process has strict requirements on the uniformity of light intensity. If the uniformity and stability are not good, it will lead to overexposure in some areas or underexposure in some areas. An UV LED energy meter is needed to directly monitor whether the energy reaches the standard during the exposure process.

1. What is the exposure machine?

Ultraviolet exposure machine refers to the machine equipment that transfers the image information on the film or other transparent body to the surface coated with photosensitive material by turning on the light to emit ultraviolet rays of UVA wavelength. In general, the exposure machine curing light source needs to be tested with an UV LED energy meter.

exposure machine

2. Working principle of exposure machine

Under the control of a computer, a focused electron beam is used to expose an organic polymer (commonly referred to as an electronic resist or photoresist). The photoresist irradiated by the electron beam changes its physicochemical properties in the well-dissolved or non-well-dissolved areas are formed in the solvent of the solvent, thereby forming a fine pattern on the resist.

3. Exposure machine use

Wide range (UV, DUV, NUV) ultraviolet wavelength selection, outgoing light intensity range: 8mW / cm2 ~ 40mW / cm2. Support constant light intensity or constant power mode. The specific energy can be detected with an UV LED energy meter. Widely used in semiconductor, microelectronics, biological devices and nanotechnology leaders. The application market of ultraviolet light for LED exposure machines is bound to develop rapidly. After all, the economic advantages and environmental protection advantages of LED light sources far exceed traditional lamps. 

4. Linshang UV LED energy meter

UV energy meter

Linshang LS128 UV LED energy meter is a professional device for detecting UV LED light source in exposure machine. The UV LED energy meter can record the intensity and energy value of the received ultraviolet light. Place the UV LED energy meter at the position of the photoresist that needs to be exposed. The UV LED energy meter can record the ultraviolet light received by the photoresist in the exposure machine in real time. The intensity and the accumulated energy value can achieve normal exposure by controlling the intensity and exposure time of the UV LED in the exposure machine. The application range of UV LED energy meter is very wide and can also be applied in other industries. For details, please contact us sales21@linshangtech.com.