UV Radiometer | Factors Affecting the High-pressure Mercury Lamps Efficiency

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1. Related knowledge of high-pressure mercury lamp

Most of the street lamps and lighting appliances we see on the road are high-pressure mercury lamps. Its advantages are obvious. On the one hand, the low maintenance consumption can greatly reduce the cost. On the other hand, the high-pressure mercury lamp has a high power and can greatly exert its energy.
       High-pressure mercury lamps can release a huge amount of energy. Most of this energy depends on the steam inside. In the UV curing industry, high-pressure mercury lamps are the standard light source, which can make the equipment emit ultraviolet rays with high energy. People often use UV radiometers to measure the lamp intensity.

2. Factors affecting the effect of high-pressure mercury lamps

When used as a standard light source for ultraviolet curing equipment, the high-pressure mercury lamp has a great effect. But there are some factors that will affect its actual effect, mainly including the application of phosphor and the specific value of ultraviolet wavelength. Users should pay attention to timely adjustment and improvement.

(1) Apply fluorescent powder

One of the most important parts of the internal structure of the high-pressure mercury lamp is the quartz tube. Many people often apply a layer of phosphor on the wall layer of this quartz inner tube in order to change the color of the lamp tube (ultraviolet → red visible light). And this layer of phosphor can maintain extremely strong stability to high temperature environment, it can make the high-pressure mercury lamp have high luminous efficiency. This method of applying fluorescent powder can not only change the spectrum, but also improve the actual light color of the high-pressure mercury lamp, which is quite practical in daily life.

(2) Ultraviolet wavelength

The high-pressure mercury lamp is very suitable as the lamp source of ultraviolet curing equipment because of its high power, which can cure the product in a short time. In addition, the wavelength of ultraviolet light is also an important parameter. People often choose the appropriate ultraviolet radiation value to cure the corresponding product. There is also a difference in the energy emitted by different ultraviolet wavelengths. The most commonly used in the industry when selecting and detecting ultraviolet energy is the UV radiometer.

3. UV radiometer for measuring energy value of high-pressure mercury lamp

In the field of high-pressure mercury lamp UV curing, the UV radiometer is often a benchmark. It can accurately and tightly measure the ultraviolet energy value and provide a certain reference for the development of curing technology.

(1)The role of UV radiometer

The UV radiometer can nondestructively measure the ultraviolet energy value radiated by the high-pressure mercury lamp applied to the ultraviolet curing equipment. In theory, the best measurement range for UV radiometers is 250-410 nm. UV radiometer can not only be applied to the field of ultraviolet curing, but also can help the printing industry to improve product quality.

(2) Selection of UV radiometer

The choice of UV radiometer is still based on the actual situation. Generally speaking, the measurement of high-pressure mercury lamps requires a UV radiometer with a large measurement range and simple measurement method. Not only that, but also the data display function of the UV radiometer needs to be considered in the selection. The power curve can provide intuitive comparison and reference.