UV Radiometer Puck | High Pressure Mercury Lamp Working Principle

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Ultraviolet high pressure mercury lamp is a kind of gas discharge lamp. It uses the arc discharge of two poles to evaporate the mercury to produce the characteristic line of mercury vapor. Its spectral line is mainly in the ultraviolet part, which is very valuable for the UV curing process because many photoinitiators. The system has strong absorption in this area, so this lamp is also called UV curing lamp. UV high pressure mercury lamp is mainly used for ink curing, photo printing, flexible packaging color printing, paper glazing, bamboo and wood flooring, paint coatings, printed circuit boards made of iron cans, curing of electronic components, aging experiments of plastics and rubber and various UV curing.

1. Working principle of ultraviolet high pressure mercury lamp

The ultraviolet high-pressure mercury lamp has a main wavelength of 365nm and a power of 250W-20KW. It can be made into single-ended / double-ended. The principle is named after adding a certain amount of mercury into the lamp tube. The inside of the mercury lamp is a kind of under vacuum conditions, the UV mercury lamp is excited by the high voltage of the power supply to atomize the mercury inside the lamp tube to emit ultraviolet light. There is a certain degree of vacuum inside the UV lamp and the amount of mercury added, otherwise the UV lamp cannot emit light or cannot be excited. UV high-pressure mercury lamp is accompanied by high heat, because when operating at full power, the ultraviolet high-pressure mercury lamp also emits visible light and some infrared lamps (IR). The light wavelength is concentrated around 365mm.

2.  How to detect the intensity of ultraviolet high pressure mercury lamp?

UV radiometer puck is usually used to measure the intensity of ultraviolet high pressure mercury lamp. UV radiometer puck is a kind of high quality ultraviolet energy counter. The general UV radiometer puck can measure the spectral range: 250-410 nanometers. The best sensing peak spectral output is 365 nanometers. The relative value of the incident light is added during the exposure cycle.
       When using UV energy timing, please avoid shaking the UV radiometer puck frequently or breaking it; Do not look directly at the UV light source when measuring, avoid exposed skin with strong light radiation. Avoid placing the LCD screen on the front of the UV radiometer puck directly in strong light or high heat. In the environment, after each measurement is completed, please turn off the instrument in time and put it back in the box for storage.
       The UV curing high pressure mercury lamp's effective curing principle makes it often used in printing machines, but in order to ensure the ideal quality control during printing and drying. An UV radiometer puck is often used to detect it in real time. It should be noted that due to the irregular radiation distribution of the light source. Different manufacturers have different structural designs. 



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