How do I use a gloss meter to measure gloss?

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1.What is gloss meter?

    A glossmeter (also gloss meter) is an instrument designed to measure the specular reflection (gloss) of the object surface. Gloss is determined when a beam of light is projected at a fixed intensity and angle onto the object surface and measuring the amount of reflected light at an equal but opposite angle.

2.What is gloss?

     Gloss is an important aspect of our visual perception of objects. Gloss is related to the surface of the product, the texture and the way the sample is illuminated and viewed. Surfaces with high reflectivity are considered as glossy, shiny or lustrous, while surfaces with lower reflectance are considered to be semi-glossy or matt. Gloss can be measured by several different techniques. One of them is the use of an optical instrument called a gloss meter. The gloss meter provides quantifiable gloss measurements, expressed in gloss units (GU).

3.How is gloss measured?

Gloss measurements come in a variety of different geometries, each depending on the type of surface being measured. For non-metals such as paints and plastics, the amount of reflected light increases as the angle of illumination increases, because some light penetrates the object surface and then be absorbed or diffused by the object surface, depending on its color. Metals have a higher reflectivity and therefore less dependence on angle. Gloss meter is an instrument used for the gloss measurement. Different object surfaces require different measuring angles.

4.How do I choose a gloss meter?

     If the gloss measured by 60 degree gloss meter is greater than 70 GU, then this is a high gloss object.We should use a 20 degree gloss meter.

60 degree gloss meter
60 degree gloss meter

     If the gloss measured by 60 degree gloss meter is between 10- 70 GU, then this is a medium gloss object.60 degree gloss meter would be perfect.

.85 degree gloss meter
.85 degree gloss meter

    If the gloss measured by 60 degree gloss meter is lower than 70 GU, then this is a low gloss object.85 degree gloss meter would be better for the gloss measurement.

5.Construction of gloss meter

    A typical gloss meterconsists of a stationary mechanical assembly consisting of a standard light source that projects a parallel beam onto the measured test surface and places a filtered detector to receive the light reflected from the surface.
    There are many commercial instruments that measure geometric shapes that meet these standards. The instrument is calibrated using reference standards, which are usually made of highly polished black plate glass.

6.Understanding Gloss units

   The measurement scale of the gloss meter, the unit of glossiness (GU) is based on the highly polished reference standard for black glass with a defined index of refraction and a mirror reflectance of 100GU at a specified angle. This standard is used to establish a calibration point with an upper limit of 100 and a lower endpoint of 0 on a completely matt surface. This scaling applies to most nonmetallic coatings and materials (paints and plastics) as they are usually within this range. For transparent materials, these values can also be increased due to multiple reflections within the material.
     For other highly reflective materials (mirror, coated/raw metal components), higher values can be achieved up to 2000 glossiness units.

7.Gloss meter standards

     ISO2813,ISO7668,ASTM D523,ASTM D2457,DIN 67530,GB/T9754, GB/T13891,GB/T7706, GB/T8807
     All the indicators of the gloss meter have reached the requirements of the first-class working machine in the national JJG 696-2002 "specular gloss meter and gloss board" metrological verification procedures.

8.Examples of gloss meter applications

For low gloss surface

Carbon fibre

Carbon fibre

Seamless linen

Seamless linen

For medium gloss surface





(3) For high gloss surface 

Car surface

Car surface

Polished metal

Polished metal

9. Linshang gloss meter

     Linshang LS191 specular glossmeter is used for gloss measurementportable gloss meter of materials and productsmaterials,etc. in the fields of paint coatings,decorative materials, building .The outstanding advantages of LS191marble gloss meter.

     The Linshang LS192 portable digital gloss meter digital gloss meteradopt the universal 60 degree angle and the appearance is made of aluminum,which is exquisite and durable.It is mainly suitable for the measurement of glossiness of paints and marbles

LS191 specular glossmeter

Linshang LS191 specular glossmeter

● Equipped with intelligent statistics function.
● Equipped with environmental temperature compensation function and provide the ability of numerical stability.
● Provide real time measurement
● Support USB transmission and has PC operating software.
Model: LS191
LS192 portable digital gloss meter

The Linshang LS192 portable digital gloss meter

● Wide measurement range
● Simple operation method
● Intelligent statistics
● High meaurement accuracy
● Stable data
Model: LS192



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