Digital Gloss Meter | Polyester Fiber Gloss Measurement

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1. What is the gloss value of polyester fiber?

Polyester fiber, as a widely used chemical fiber, has good fiber-forming properties and mechanical properties, high strength, light resistance, heat resistance and alkali resistance. Fiber gloss has a greater relationship with fiber cross-section morphology. When a beam of parallel light is irradiated on the fiber surface of different cross-section morphology, different gloss effects will occur. Due to the different cross-sectional shapes of the fibers, different gloss is visually felt. With the addition of different amounts of matting agents (dioxide diamonds), different gloss fibers can be prepared to meet the needs of users, forming super-gloss fibers, bright fibers, semi-matte fibers and full-matte fibers.
      For example, a triangular cross section, when light is irradiated on it, can be transmitted out of the edges inside the fiber, so that the gloss at the edges that produce total reflection is weak. The gloss outside the other edges is strong. When the angle of incidence changes, the edges that produce total reflection also change, thus creating a "flash" effect. In addition, due to the triangular prism effect, the dispersion effect is produced when the light is emitted, giving people a special feeling. Therefore, the shaped fiber changes the "aurora" of the round fiber. In particular, the hollow shaped fiber has a correspondingly thin reflective layer and internal reflection. The combination of surface reflection and internal reflection can enhance the intensity of reflected light, so the hollow triangular fiber has better gloss effect.
      For another example, in the contrast gloss test of ordinary acrylic fibers, profiled acrylic fibers and silk fabrics, the contrast gloss of silk is the largest. The profile of profiled acrylic fibers is greater than that of round fibers, which is close to the gloss of silk.

2. Which gloss is higher for polyester and nylon?

Polyester imitation silk has bright luster, but it is not soft enough to have a glittering effect. It feels smooth, flat and elastic. Tighten the silk surface with your hands and loosen without obvious creases. The warp and weft are not easy to break after getting wet.
      The gloss of nylon is relatively dim and the surface has the feeling of being coated with a layer of wax and the color is not bright. The nylon is loosened after pinching the fabric and it can slowly return to its original shape. 

3. How to measure the gloss value of polyester fiber?

gloss testing equipment

The gloss of polyester fiber is an important parameter to test its quality, so it is usually tested with a digital gloss meter. For example, like LS192, a universal 60-degree gloss testing equipment from Linshang Technology, with a meaurement range of 1000GU. Both high-gloss and low-gloss materials can be tested. When there is no uniform standard in the applied industry, it can be tested with the LS192 digital gloss meter. If the industry has a uniform standard, it is best to use the same angle of testing. Linshang glossiness measuring instrument LS192 has the characteristics of easy to use, stable performance and accurate measurement.



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