Measure Wood Paint Gloss by Paint Gloss Meter

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In daily life, a lot of daily necessities are made of wood. Especially the household items, including furniture, floors, doors, etc. When we carefully observe these wood household products, we will always find that the surface has different shades of gloss. The wood paint gloss is one of the standards for evaluating the value of these supplies. For the identification of wood gloss, paint gloss meter plays an important role.

In general, the wood paint gloss is divided into three types, namely high gloss, semi-matte and matte. Glossiness above 75GU is high gloss; between 50GU and 75GU is semi-matte. 10GU to 50GU is matte. There is a special case below 10GU which is called matte. In addition to test the gloss of the wood surface paint, it is also necessary to compare the gloss uniformity of the entire wood surface. Because the uniformity differs too much on the same piece of wood, it will definitely affect its selling price.

The gloss of the wood surface comes from the paint sprayed on the surface. What is the importance of wood paint?

1. Increase beauty

Full luster always makes people's eyes shine. When you turn on the chandelier on the roof after you go home, the wooden floor reflects a splendid scene. Whether this scene makes you fall in love with the feeling of going home.

2. Increase security

Most furniture paints are added with fireproof coatings. Even in the event of fire, wood furniture will not become flammable and fuel the fire.

3. Increase protection

If a sharp object is scratched on the furniture, it will not be easily scratched with the protection of the surface paint.

4. Add value

Full luster will make people's eyes shine. Under the illumination of the store lights, each piece of wood furniture will emit an attractive luster.

paint gloss meter
paint gloss meter

Linshang  LS191 paint gloss meter specializes in measuring the gloss of paint surfaces. During the test, the instrument is placed on the surface of the wood and the data will be obtained immediately, which is convenient. The more powerful function is that its interface can display the measured maximum value, minimum value, real-time value, average value, standard deviation, current recorded value, measured times and counted times. After understanding the importance of the paint gloss on the wood surface to the wood household products, if you want to know more detailed information about the paint gloss meter, please contact us