UVC Detector Used In Sewage Treatment

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People directly discharge domestic sewage and industrial sewage, resulting in increased pollution of groundwater. After learning of the need to protect groundwater, countries all over the world now need to carry out unified sewage treatment and discharge of various kinds of sewage. By doing this, the pollution of groundwater resources can be reduced.

When it comes to the steps of sewage treatment, due to the different residual components in domestic sewage and industrial sewage, the method of disinfection is also different. Generally divided into two categories, namely chemical disinfection and physical disinfection.

As the name implies, chemical disinfection is the use of chemicals to react with substances in water to achieve the purpose of disinfection. Common chemical disinfection methods include ozone; liquid chlorine and chlorine dioxide. However, each chemical disinfection method targets substances and bacteria and viruses, the functions are different. Therefore, the use of each method and the characteristics of toxic by-products are different. The physical disinfection methods include ultraviolet disinfection, etc. Ultraviolet disinfection is one of the methods aimed at killing these bacterial viruses. So it has a certain broad spectrum. However, the UV disinfection method is not only useful alone, but also requires the cooperation of the UVC detector to play its greatest role.

We all know that ultraviolet rays need to be at a specific wavelength to effectively kill bacteria and viruses in sewage. Ultraviolet rays at UVC (200-280nm) are the most lethal wavelengths for bacterial viruses. For the ultraviolet germicidal lamps in sewage treatment, the main peak is set at 254nm, which can effectively kill bacteria and viruses and achieve the purpose of purifying harmful microorganisms in sewage. Of course, it is also necessary to use an UVC detector to measure whether the ultraviolet germicidal lamp intensity is within the qualified range.

UVC detector

Knowing the important position of the physical disinfection method of ultraviolet sterilization in sewage treatment, then what are the advantages of its good partner UVC detector, next for you:

1. Convenient operation

 UVC detector LS125 + UVC-WP has small size, one person can already carry it easily. It is also very simple and convenient when testing.

2. Waterproof function

It is necessary to cooperate with the operation of sewage treatment, the general ultraviolet germicidal lamp works under water. The Linshang UVC detector LS125 + UVC-WP probe uses a new waterproof technology, which can easily test the ultraviolet wavelength of the underwater ultraviolet germicidal lamp 1 meter deep.

3. Accurate data

The test data of Linshang UVC detector has very little deviation. This UVC detector can pass the inspection of Chinese Institute of Metrology. When an ultraviolet germicidal lamp is equipped with an UVC detector, the sterilization and disinfection process of sewage treatment will certainly be more effective.

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