UV Light Meter Applicate in Pharmaceutical Factory

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The Linshang LS125 multi-probe UV light meter can intelligently match 9 probes and is widely used in various industries. The UVALED-X3 probe can be used in pharmaceutical factories.

Previously, customers had taken the “Chemical Drugs (APIs and Preparations) Stability Research Technical Guidelines Revision” document to find UV light meters, but since the customer is the purchase manager, he is not clear how to use them.

Recently, some customers have asked us to find out more about their UV source. Their uv light sources are artificial daylight fluorescent lamps, xenon lamps or metal halide lamps with visible light and ultraviolet light output. The spectral range requires that the UV lamp band be 320-400 nm and the filter output should be below 320 nm. The light has a maximum emission energy at 350-370 nm; the ultraviolet light in both bands of 320-360 nm and 360-400 nm should account for a significant proportion. The sample is a solid raw material drug placed in a chemically inert transparent container, uniformly dispersed, the thickness requirement is not higher than 3mm (there are also different special sample thickness requirements). The standard is required to be within the specified inspection time (generally set to one day, five, ten and thirty days and the ultraviolet energy of the ultraviolet lamp is not less than 200 w.hr/m2.

125UVA LED-X318122801.jpg

LS125 multi-probe UV radiation meter

Their pharmaceutical company requires that the near-ultraviolet energy of ten days is not less than 200w.hr/m2, which is qualified by the engineer and requires real-time data of not less than 83μw/cm2. According to the customer's light source and power size, customers are recommended to use the LS125 multi-probe UV radiation meter with the UVALED-X3 probe.

Therefore, if you are a pharmaceutical company with the same parameters, you can choose LS125 with UVALED-X3 according to your light source type. Because the range of the light meter is too large or too small, there is no way to accurately calibrate. Only our meter can test the UV light source of pharmaceutical company.