How to test the acrylic transmittance?【visible light transmission meter】

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Acrylic is also called plexiglass or PMMA, the main component is polymethyl methacrylate. It is a plastic polymer material. This material has good chemical stability, transparency and weather resistance. It is easy to process, easy to dye, beautiful appearance. It can usually be divided into casting plates, extrusion plates and molding compounds. The main application industries are construction, advertising, transportation, medicine, industry, lighting, home, etc. The application industry is very extensive.
    How to test the acrylic transmittance:
     Because the application industry of acrylic is very extensive, the shape of acrylic is different according to the different needs of users. There are "plastic crystals" that act as glass and translucent swatches that serve as other materials. Therefore, for different forms of acrylic material, the acrylic light transmittance test method is different.
    How to test the acrylic transmittance of the fully transparent material? We recommend visible light transmission meter with designed for parallel light path.    For example, the Linshang
LS116 visible light transmission meter. The specific operation method is as follows:
     1.In the shutdown state, long press the “hold” button, enter the automatic shutdown setting interface. Scroll up and down to select. After selecting it, short press the right button to confirm and the setting is completed. The instrument enters the preheating interface and the instrument enters the measurement interface after the preheating is completed (displaying 100% transmittance).
     2.If the backlight is off under the measurement interface, short press the right button to light or put the acrylic material into the test slot to light up. Then the light transmittance will appear on the instrument. At this time, press the “hold” button, the “hold” symbol will appear in the lower left corner of the instrument. The historical data will be reserved.

visible light transmission meter

3.In the "hold" state, short press the "hold" button (the backlight is already lit) to start a new measurement.
     4.In the measurement interface, scroll up and down to enter the history query interface. The instrument can store up to 9 records and No.1 is the last recorded record. Long press and hold the right button for 3 seconds, the historical data will be deleted. 
    5.Long press the “hold” button for 3 seconds to turn off the instrument (in the manual shutdown state). If the user chooses to automatically shut down. The instrument will automatically shut down after 3 minutes without any operation.
    For translucent, matte acrylic materials, we recommend the Linshang
LS117 visible light transmission meter, which is designed for the transmittance of aluminized films, film, X-ray films, lens inks, opalescent translucent materials and matte roofing materials and optical density testing. The Linshang LS117 visible light transmission meter uses the diffuse transmission principle to accurately and efficiently measure the light transmittance and optical density of acrylic materials. The specific operation method is similar to the Linshang LS116 visible light transmission meter.
   The above is the specific method of how to test the acrylic transmittance, and we hope to be useful to the customers.