Gloss tester for Artificial Leather Gloss Test

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As people's ecological awareness gradually increases, the leather is becoming scarcer, so many shoe bag manufacturers who need leather materials will use artificial leather or synthetic leather instead for the low price. The quality of leather also includes all aspects: the adhesion of the fur, the thickness, the gloss and so on. Different leather products have different requirements for surface gloss. For example, leather sofas have lower requirements on gloss and leather shoes have higher requirements on gloss. Therefore, leather manufacturers will carry out artificial leather gloss test.

So what instrument is used for the artificial leather gloss test?

Gloss tester is an instrument for testing the surface gloss of objects. It can be used for surface gloss test of paints, coatings, inks, plastics, paper, leather and other products. The artificial gloss test requires a professional gloss tester. The Linshang LS192 is a intelligent gloss tester with measurement range. Below we use the LS192 gloss tester to detect the gloss of a piece of artificial leather.

LS192 gloss  tester

From the data in the above figure, the maximum gloss of this piece of leather is 1.4GU, the minimum value is 1.3GU, the average value is 1.3GU and the mean squared difference is 0 GU. According to the data, the gloss uniformity of this piece of leather is particularly good. The LS192 gloss tester not only can calculate the maximum, minimum and mean squared differences. It is also equipped with a temperature compensation function and a standard board fouling self-diagnosis function. The small portable gloss tester is convenient for carrying out.

The above is a small series of knowledge about the artificial leather gloss test, if you want to know more about the gloss tester, please pay attention to our follow-up updates.



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