Application of Multi-channel UV Light Meter in Aging Industry

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An aging test is a test that infers the life of a material by simulating the ultraviolet radiation and condensation of natural sunlight to test the weather ability of the material. Ultraviolet lamp is usually used as the light source. In order to ensure good aging experiments, we need to use a multi-channel UV light meter to detect UV lamps. Below, let's take a look at the knowledge of the UV aging industry and the application of multi-channel UV light meters in the aging industry.
    1.Why do we use ultraviolet light source in aging experiments?

For artificial accelerated aging, the two commonly used light sources in the world are fluorescent ultraviolet lamps and xenon arc lamps. The spectral distribution of the fluorescent UV lamp simulates the portion of the ultraviolet light in the sunlight, while the spectrum of the xenon lamp simulates the spectral distribution of the entire sunlight. Although ultraviolet light (UV) accounts for only 5% of sunlight, it is the main lighting factor that causes the durability of outdoor products to decline. This is because the photochemical reaction effect of sunlight increases as the wavelength decreases. Therefore, it is not necessary to reproduce the entire sunlight spectrum when simulating the damaging effects of sunlight on the physical properties of the material. In most cases, you only need to simulate short-wave UV light.
    2.Multi-channel UV light meter in the aging industry

Ultraviolet light source is an extremely important part of UV aging experiments. The short-wavelength of ultraviolet light of 300~400nm is the most important cause of aging damage. In the short-wave region of ultraviolet light, from 365 nm to the lowest wavelength of sunlight, UV fluorescent lamps can simulate sunlight well. For the UV lamp detection in the UV aging experiment, we need to use a professional multi-channel UV light meter.

LS125 UV light meter

The Linshang LS125 is a multi-channel UV light meter. A host can be equipped with a variety of probes. The spectral response range of UVA-X1 probe is from 260nm to 400nm. It is a professional probe for the UV aging industry that measures the intensity and energy of UV light in sunlight. If you are a customer in the UV aging industry, this UVA-X1 probe is exactly what you need! If you need to measure the UV lamp intensity or the UV germicidal lamp radiation intensity, you can also choose from the other 8 probes of the LS125 multi-channel UV light meter or LS126C UVC meter. For more information on the LS125 multi-channel UV light meter, please contact us!