Application of Ultraviolet Sterilizer and UVC Meter

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Ultraviolet sterilizer is a highly efficient and non-chemical method to inhibit deterioration, low maintenance cost and harmless to the environment. When using an ultraviolet sterilizer, it needs to be used with an UVC meter to ensure its anti-virus effect.

UV disinfection can not only effectively remove most of the microorganisms in water, but also will not produce any disinfection by-products. The application of this equipment in water treatment is gradually becoming wider. For the intensity detection of the ultraviolet light source, it is recommended to use the UVC meter.

UVC meter
UVC meter

I. Advantages of ultraviolet sterilizer

  1. Ultraviolet sterilizer can sterilize with high efficiency: UV sterilization of bacteria and viruses can reach 99%-99.9% sterilization rate in one to two seconds.

  2. Ultraviolet sterilizer has a broad spectrum of sterilization: the broad-spectrum of ultraviolet sterilization is the highest. Almost all viruses and bacteria will be killed under a sufficient amount of ultraviolet radiation, especially the hidden resistance that is resistant to chlorine disinfection.

  3. No secondary pollution: No other materials need to be added during the ultraviolet disinfection process and no harmful substances are produced to the environment.

  4. Safe operation, simple and reliable: compared with other disinfection methods, the structure is simple. Of course, if you want to ensure the disinfection effect of the ultraviolet sterilizer, you must use an UVC meter.

  5. Low operation and maintenance costs: the ultraviolet sterilization equipment occupies a small area and the structure requirements are simple. 

  6. Less affected by the environment: water temperature, pH and other conventional influencing factors have almost no effect on the ultraviolet disinfection effect.

II. Necessity of UVC meter to detect ultraviolet ray

Ultraviolet disinfection is commonly used in sterilization and disinfection in the fields of medicine, drinking water and food processing. The radiation intensity of the ultraviolet lamp is related to the sterilization and disinfection effect of ultraviolet light. If you want to achieve a satisfactory ultraviolet sterilization effect, you must use a UVC meter to disinfect. 

As a manufacturer of UVC meters, Linshang Technology provides you with a series of UVC meters, covering sterilization lamp UVC meters, multi-probe UVC meters and online UV digital probes. LS125 multi-probe UVC meter can be equipped with 9 probes. It can test the irradiation intensity of UV-A, UV-B and UV-C probes. The UVC meter is simple and fast to operate. The measurement data is accurate, which can pass the inspection of the Chinese authoritative measurement agency.

Based on the above ultraviolet sterilizers, the ultraviolet sterilizer has a broad spectrum, no secondary pollution. Although the current ultraviolet sterilizer has no continuous sterilization capability, it is still a forward direction in the future disinfection field.



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