• [Technology]Window Glass Thickness Gauge Manufacturer
    ​Linshang Technology is an insulating window glass thickness gauge manufacturer, including digital insulating window glass thickness gauges and scale insulating window glass thickness gauges, which can test the thickness of various single-layer glass, double-glazed glass, insulating glass, triple-layer glass and the thickness of the air layer.
  • [Technology]Glass Thickness Gauge For Laminated Glass
    Laminated glass is widely used in modern building. This thickness of laminated glass is concerned with the safety. So the laminated glass suppliers need to control the laminated glass thickness with a glass thickness gauge for laminated glass.
  • [Technology]Glass Thickness Measurement Principle | Glass Thickness Gauge
    There are three main principles of different glass thickness gauges: simple tool measurement, optical measurement.Each measurement principle has its own characteristics and the third measurement has the highest accuracy.
  • [Technology]How to Measure the Uninstalled Glass Thickness?
    For uninstalled glass,tools such as rulers, micrometers,vernier calipers can be used for direct measurement.The already installed glass must be measured with a digital glass thickness gauge.The Linshang digital glass thickness gauge is a good choice.
  • [Technology]Glass Thickness Meter | Double Glazed Thickness Measurement
    LS201 glass thickness meter can simultaneously measure the thickness of the insulating glass layer and air layer.How thick of the insulating glass can be measured with LS201 glass thickness meter?This article will explain to everyone.
  • [Technology]Glass Thickness Gauge Selection and FAQ
  • [Technology]Glass Thickness Gauge Selection and FAQ
    Linshang glass thickness gauge is suitable for the thickness measurement of various single-layer glass, multilayer glass and insulating glass. The test can be completed on one side of the glass, so it is also suitable for installed doors, windows and curtain wall glass, etc. As a glass thickness gauge manufacturer, Linshang Technology provides you with the introduction of glass thickness gauge selection and frequently asked questions about this instrument.
  • [Technology]Ultra Convenient Architectural Glass Thickness Measuring Gauge
    The glass thickness directly affects the effectiveness of its thermal insulation, explosion protection and noise barrier. Today, we will introduce a super convenient laser reflective glass thickness measuring gauge.
  • [Technology]LS201 Glass Thickness Gauge for Laminated Glass Thickness
    LS201 glass thickness gauge can measure the total thickness of laminated glass. However, if it is necessary to measure the thickness of a single layer of glass, it is required that the interface between the glass and the intermediate layer can reflect part of the laser emitted by the instrument.
  • [Technology] Glass Thickness Measuring Tool | How is Glass Thickness Measured?
    Glass thickness measuring tools that are more suitbale for measuring the insulating glass, double glazed, triple glazed are introduced in this article.
  • [Technology]Glass Thickness Gauge | Glass Thickness Measurement
    How to measure glass thickness with the glass thickness gauge and glass thickness specifications will be detailed in this paper.
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