Glass Thickness Gauge For Laminated Glass

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Laminated glass refers to an intermediate film or a gel layer containing one or several layers of polymer between two or more sheets of glass. After vacuuming (or special high temperature preloading), the glass is permanently composite glass products that are bonded together. With the development of the times, laminated glass is more and more widely used in life. This thickness of laminated glass is concerned with the safety. So the laminated glass suppliers need to control the laminated glass thickness.

How to measure glass thickness? We generally use a laminated glass thickness gauge.
      Below we will use the Linshang LS201 glass thickness gauge to measure the laminated glass. The specific measurement methods and measurement results are as follows:

  1. Long press the power button to enter the setting interface. After selecting the language, the gauge enters the history query interface.

  2. Place the gauge on a piece of laminated glass, we can see that it is a two-layer laminated glass. The instrument directly displays the first layer thickness is 5.67 mm, and the thickness of the second layer of glass is 5.77 mm.

  3. When the middle interlayer is very thin and the gauge can not identify the glass, the instrument will display the total thickness of G1+G2 

glass thickness gauge

Linshang LS201 glass thickness gauge can not only measure laminated glass but also can measure laminated insulating glass. Below we will demonstrate with a piece of laminated insulating glass:

  1. Place the gauge on the tested object and press the top measurement button to start the test.

  2. The instrument will display two possible results. The first result is most likely, showing glass + glass + air + glass. (two layers of glass plus air plus glass)

    LS201 glass thickness gauge

  3. Press the middle button to switch to the second display result. The second display shows the thickness of the four glasses.

LS201 glass thickness gauge

Linshang LS201 glass thickness gauge is generally automatic measurement mode after powering on. Long press the middle selection button to switch to manual measurement mode, short press the power button to confirm. The manual measurement mode needs to know the type of tested glass. It is necessary to set the approximate thickness of the glass and air. The saved settings are displayed as artificial at the bottom of the screen. Place the glass thickness gauge on the laminated glass to display the glass thickness value.



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