Glass Thickness Measuring Tool | How is Glass Thickness Measured?

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Glass is very common in daily life, glass crafts, curtain wall glass in building buildings, car glass windows and so on. The curtain wall glass thickness used in the building has certain requirements. For example, if the glass is required to have a certain thermal insulation performance, then the glass thickness needs to be strictly controlled. There are many types of glass, so how to measure the thickness of multiple glasses at the same time? How to measure the thickness of the air layer in insulating glass? How to test the thickness of installed curtain wall glass? In fact, a digital glass thickness gauge can meet all the above needs. In this article, we have introduced in detail the principles and usage of several common glass thickness measuring tools for measuring door and window glass, curtain wall glass.

I.Glass thickness measurement

Common glasses include single-layer glass, double glazed (insulating glass), triple glazed, laminated glass, Low-E glass, frosted glass, etc. Insulating glass and triple glazed are often used in buildings. Insulating glass is made of two pieces (or three pieces) of glass, using a high-strength and high-airtight composite adhesive and bonding the glass piece to the aluminum alloy frame containing the desiccant to make a highly efficient soundproof and insulating glass. Only when the qualified thickness is met can the insulating glass be insulated, soundproofed, burglarproof and fireproof.

II.How is glass thickness measured?

1. Measuring glass thickness with common glass thickness measuring tools

Vernier calipers, micrometers and meter rulers are common glass thickness measuring tools, but these tools have certain limitations and are only suitable for measuring the thickness of uninstalled single-layer glass with edges. For insulating glass, triple glazed, we can’t use ordinary glass thickness measuring tools for measurement. And before using the instrument, you need to confirm the accuracy of the instrument for calibration. The operation is very complicated.

2. Measure glass thickness with digital glass thickness gauge

Glass thickness gauge is a very convenient and fast glass thickness measuring tool. Taking the glass thickness gauge using optical reflection as an example, it can measure the thickness of various types of glass such as installed door and window glass and curtain wall glass. The glass thickness gauge can measure and use any glass that can’t be measured with ordinary glass thickness measuring tools and where it can’t be used. Glass thickness gauges based on the principle of optical reflection can be divided into ordinary glass thickness gauges and digital glass thickness gauges.

LS200 glass thickness meter test glass
LS200 glass thickness meter test glass

III.Linshang glass thickness gauge principle and application

1. Optical reflection principle

Common glass thickness gauges on the market include vernier calipers, non-contact glass thickness gauges and digital glass thickness gauges. Different glass thickness gauges use different principles. We take Linshang glass thickness gauge that uses the optical reflection principle to introduce the principle.

The principle of optical reflection: The optical reflection principle is mainly used to measure the glass thickness on one side of the glass, especially for the curtain wall glass of the building that has been installed. As shown in the figure below, due to the different refractive index between the glass and the air, after the light hits the glass surface, it is refracted and reaches the other side of the glass and then reflects. The reflected light returns to the side where the light entered. The receiver of the instrument receives the refracted light and multiplies it by the corresponding coefficient to get the glass thickness.

2. How to use glass thickness gauge?

Some customers do not know how to use the glass thickness gauge after purchasing it. If the method of using glass thickness gauge is too complicated, it will also increase the difficulty of glass thickness measurement. We should choose a glass thickness gauge with simple operation. Linshang glass thickness gauge is suitable for measuring various types of glass: single-layer glass, hollow glass, triple glazed, laminated glass, Low-E glass, etc. Below, we will take Linshang digital glass thickness gauge as an example to explain how to use the glass thickness gauge.

  1. tep 1: In the Off state, long press the power button to enter the selection interface

  2. tep 2: Choose Chinese or English, auto mode or manual mode

  3. tep 3: Place the glass thickness gauge on one side of the glass, press the measure button, the glass thickness and air layer thickness will be displayed directly on the interface.

IV. Glass thickness gauge

Can be used for thickness testing of single-layer glass, insulating glass and cylindrical glass bottles
Using scale reading method
Measuring range: glass thickness 70mm, air interlayer 34mm
Use optical reflection principle
Place the gauge on single side of the glass to measure the glass thickness and air layer
Measuring range: glass thickness 70mm, air interlayer 45mm
Two modes: manual mode and auto mode
Chinese and English display interface

The above is an introduction to the principles and usage methods of various glasses that require thickness measurement and glass thickness measuring tools. If you also have glass thickness testing needs, please consult us, you can also send samples to Linshang Technology, we can test samples for free and provide test results for your reference.



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