How to Measure the Uninstalled Glass Thickness?

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For uninstalled glass,tools such as rulers, micrometers,vernier calipers can be used for direct measurement.The already installed glass must be measured with a digital glass thickness gauge.The Linshang digital glass thickness gauge is a good choice.

     Measuring the uninstalled glass thickness in life can be as simple as we can.Simple measurements can be made directly with a micrometer,vernier caliper or our simplest ruler.So how do we measure the already installed glass? Especially the one with a border.At this point we need to use a digital glass thickness gauge.
     The two products LS200 digital glass thickness gauge and LS201 digital digital glass thickness gauge produced by Linshang Technology can be used to measure the thickness of the already installed glass.

LS200 glass thickness gauge

    1.How to measure the glass thickness after installation with LS200 glass thickness gauge.

      Measuring single layer glass
     1)Place the digital glass thickness gauge on the already installed glass and press the red button, the results will be displayed immediately.
     2)There will be two red light bars on the scale.Since it is a single layer of glass, we have to look at the upper scale value.
     Testing insulating glass
     1)Place the instrument on the glass surface and press the red button.Four red lines will appear on the scale.
     2)The glass thickness layer is taken as the upper scale value and the down scale is the air layer thickness. 

   2.How to measure the thickness of the glass after installation with LS201 digital digital glass thickness gauge.

LS201 digital glass thickness gauge

      Measuring insulating glass
     1)Long press the power button to enter the selection interface.Short press the middle selection button to select Chinese or English.
     2)Select Chinese mode and press the power button to confirm.Enter the historical data query interface.(The instrument has two modes: automatic measurement and manual measurement. The default is automatic measurement when starting up.)

    3.Place the instrument on the glass surface and press the top measurement button to display the measurement results.

     1 and 2 below the instrument represent two measurement results.(In the automatic mode,short press the middle selection button to view the second measurement result)
     Measure the installed single-layer glass thickness
     1)Press the power button to turn it on,the screen will display the last measurement data.
     2)Place the instrument on the single-sided glass surface and press the measurement button to start the measurement.The instrument will directly display the measurement result.
     3)Long press the power button to turn off the instrument after measurement.
      The Linshang digital glass thickness gauges all use the principle of optical reflection.The glass thickness can be measured on the single side of the glass surface.Whether it is insulating glass,single-layer glass or laminated glass,it can be measured simply and quickly. And the measurement accuracy is as high as ± 0.1mm. Make glass measurements simple and precise.

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