Window Glass Thickness Gauge Manufacturer

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Linshang Technology is an insulating window glass thickness gauge manufacturer, including digital insulating window glass thickness gauges and scale insulating window glass thickness gauges, which can test the thickness of various single-layer glass, double-glazed glass, insulating glass, triple-layer glass and the thickness of the air layer.

1. Principle of insulating window glass

Insulating window glass is a glass made up of two or more pieces of glass. The space between the glass and the glass is separated from the outside air by a sealant. The inside of the glass is air or other special gas.

2. Characteristics of insulating window glass

Insulating window glass has excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties and is much lighter than brick walls or concrete walls. For the energy-saving requirements of buildings, insulating window glass is widely used for its irreplaceable superior performance.    Even the window glass with 3mm glass + 12mm air layer + 3mm glass, its insulation capacity is no less than 100mm thick concrete wall, if using thicker glass, or glass with three layers of glass plus two layers of air, there are better thermal insulation, such insulating glass thickness can be measured by a general-purpose window glass thickness gauge.

window glass thickness gauge

Window Glass Thickness Gauge

Insulating window glass generally attenuates noise by about 30 decibels, and the maximum attenuation is about 50 decibels.

High-quality insulating window glass should be made of high-quality glass, high-strength, high-airtight sealant, high-quality aluminum alloy spacer frame and desiccant. Two or more pieces of glass are combined into an insulating window glass product by two sealing processes. Glass manufacturers can control the width of the seal to achieve the desired seal and strength properties , keep the gas layer in the insulating glass dry for long periods of time to avoid condensation or frost.

In the quality inspection of insulating window glass, the thickness of the glass can be tested using a LS200 window glass thickness gauge. In addition to testing the thickness of the glass sheet, the window glass thickness gauge can also test the thickness of the air layer between the glasses, and achieve quality control. 

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