• [Technology]Application of Vacuum Coating and Thickness Measurement
    Vacuum coating technology has been widely used now. This article mainly describes the development and application of vacuum coating and the thickness detection of vacuum coating.
  • [Technology]How Much Do You Know About Acrylic?
    Car lights, optical lenses, chandeliers, store signs, display racks, storage boxes.These common items in our daily life can be made of acrylic.
  • [Technology]Use Light Transmittance Meter to Purchase High Quality Acrylic
    In home decoration, we can consider choosing some special materials such as acrylic. Today, we will introduce acrylic to you. Many people may not pay attention to it, but through this detailed introduction, you will know about it.
  • [Technology]Light Transmittance Meter Applications
    In different industries, the light transmittance meter can measure the light transmittance of products. The professional light transmittance meter has high accuracy, which can quickly detect product quality, which is of great significance.
  • [Technology]【Transmittance Meter】Is it Necessary to Film Glass?
    As one of the protective films blocking ultraviolet rays, window film has good light transmittance. It is often used to make automotive glass film. In order to meet the requirements of vehicle management institutes, car owners often use a transmittance meter to make self-test.
  • [Technology][Window Tint Meter] Effect of Glass Transmittance
    The light transmittance of automotive insulation film refers to the transmittance of visible light after being affixed to the window glass, which affects the lighting conditions in the car. The value can be detected by a window tint meter.
  • [Technology]How to Distinguish the Quality of PC Endurance Board?c
    This article mainly describes the method of judging the quality of endurance board and its transparency test.
  • [Technology]Window Tint Checker | Which Transparent Sound Barriers Performs Better?
    The materials of transparent sound barriers are generally PC endurance boards, acrylic boards and laminated tempered glass. Which of these transparent materials has the best light transmission? Which is more practical?
  • [Technology]How do Tint Meter Works and Where Are They Used?
    The tint meter is widely used in automotive inspection, solar film detection, glass manufacturing, aerospace and other industries. Linshang is a famous Chinese tint meters manufacturer and provides corresponding verification procedures and calibration specifications.
  • [Technology]Non-contact vacuum coating thickness measuring system
    In the vacuum coating industry, many companies have a need for online thickness measurement of thin films. Linshang LS152 Vacuum coating thickness measuring system is widely recognized by users for its advantages of simple installation, non-contact measurement and closed-loop control.
  • [Technology]Select Homely Glass with Light Transmittance Meter
    Hardness and light transmittance of homely glass are of great concern. Therefore, it is necessary to use a light transmittance meter for related detection.
  • [Technology]Tint Meter | What Are the Properties of PE Film and EVA Film?
    The material of the shed film is the key factor to determine its performance. There are many varieties of shed film on the market. This article mainly introduces PE film and EVA film for everyone.
  • [Technology]Window Tint Meter | What Are the Advantages of PO Film in Greenhouse?
    This article mainly describes the advantages of PO film in greenhouse film and the detection method of PO film light transmittance!
  • [Technology]How to Improve the Transmittance of Greenhouse Film?
    The light time in winter is short. If the transmittance of the greenhouse film is further reduced, it will affect the photosynthesis of plants. To ensure the greenhouse film light transmittance reach the certain standard, we need to test it with transmittance meter.
  • [Technology]How to Choose Light Transmittance Meter?
    This article mainly introduces the relevant information of the light transmittance meter from the aspects of the principle, selection and use methods.
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