• [Technology]How to Choose lampshade Advanced Light Transmittance Meter?
    The lampshade advanced light transmittance meter has three different design principles. We should choose the appropriate advanced light transmittance meter according to the specific material.
  • [Technology]Visible Light Transmittance Meter for Testing Matte Cell Phone Film
    There are many types of mobile phone films on the market, such as HD film, matte film and so on. For the matte cell phone film, the light transmittance can be measured with a visible light transmittance meter.
  • [Technology]Linshang Online Light Transmission Meter Glass
    Linshang LS152 online light transmission meter glass is mainly composed of measurement and control host, man-machine interface control box, computer real-time monitoring software.
  • [Technology]How to Use Tint Meter?
    The light transmittance of the front windshield at the annual inspection of the car should not be lower than 70%. We should use a professional tint meter to detect. This article will mainly introduce the usage of the tint meter.
  • [Technology]Car Window Tint Meter Calibration Specification
    The “Calibration Specification for Car Window Tint Meter” mainly introduce the stipulations on measurement characteristics, calibration conditions, calibration items and calibration methods.
  • [Technology]Transmission Meter for ITO Film
    ITO film can cut off harmful electron radiation to the human body, far infrared rays and ultraviolet rays. The light transmittance requirements up to 90%. We use a transmission meter to measure its light transmittance.
  • [Technology]How to Test the Transmittance and Thickness of the Courier Bag?
    Recently,a Malaysian customer inquired about the instrument used to test the visible light transmittance and thickness of the courier bag.The article will introduce how to test the visible light transmittance and thickness of the courier bag.
  • [Technology]Which Car Window Tint Meter is more Suitable for Measuring the Car Front Windshield?
    There is a certain national standard for the transmittance of automobile front windshield.In order to confirm whether the transmittance value meets the standards, the vehicle management institute and other industries will need the car window tint meter to measure the front windshield.
  • [Technology]Light Transmittance Meter Selection and FAQ
  • [Technology]Light Transmittance Meter Selection and FAQ
    As a professional light transmittance meter manufacturer, Linshang produces light transmittance meters that are widely used in light transmittance testing of glass, PC materials and frosted materials. This article introduces the price, characteristics and parameters of the Linshang light transmittance meter which provide the customers a comprehensive reference for you to purchase the light transmittance meter.
  • [Technology]Application of LS117 Densitometer in Screen Printing Industry
    Screen printing is a printing technique where a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a substrate, except in areas made impermeable to the ink by a blocking stencil.The light transmittance and optical density value of screen printing glass can be measured by LS117 densitometer.
  • [Technology]LS117 Light Transmittance Meter Measures White Woven Bags
    The woven bag is a kind of plastic bag. The main raw materials are polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), etc., which can transmit light but are not transparent. To measure the light transmittance and optical density of the woven bag, we can use the LS117 light transmittance meter.
  • [Technology]Application of Light Transmittance Meter
    The light transmittance meter is a portable, intelligent digital display optical instrument. It is mainly used to measure the visible light transmittance of glass, acrylic, plastic, and all kinds of transparent and translucent objects. It has a wide range of applications.
  • [Technology]How to Choose Transparent Acrylic Board? | Transmission Meter
    When selecting acrylic boards, we mainly consider factors such as environmental protection, quality and value. We can use a transmission meter to measure whether the light transmittance value meets your needs.
  • [Technology]Use Window Tint Meter to Test Glass Quality
    The window tint meter is widely used in the industry due to its simple and convenient, high-precision measurement. It can effectively help to measure the light transmittance of transparent products such as glass.
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