• [Technology]Portable Transmission Meter
  • [Technology] Portable Light Transmittance Meter for Solar Film
    The Linshang LS110 portable light transmittance meter is a light transmittance test instrument for detecting the front windshield of the car.
  • [Technology]Light Transmittance Meter LS117 for Smart Glass
  • [Technology]LS110 Window Tint Detector for Automobile
    Linshang LS110 window tint detector is designed to detect the light transmittance of automobile windshield. The instrument has the characteristics of split design, simple measurement, fast anti-interference ability and high measurement accuracy.
  • [Technology]How to Read a Tint Meter?
    The quality of the solar film on the market is now uneven, and many solar film manufacturers sacrifice light transmittance for higher infrared and ultraviolet blocking rates. However, the light transmittance in some areas has the minimum. The vehicle management system also uses a tint meter to test the light transmittance. How to Read a Tint Meter?
  • [Technology]About the Selection of LS116 and LS117 Light Transmittance Meter
    The light transmittance meter designed for transparent and uniform material cannot meet the light transmittance test requirements of materials such as matte and milk white. Another light transmittance meter (densitometer) LS117 fills this requirements gap. This article will introduce the difference between the light transmittance meter LS116 and LS117 and hope to help customers solve the problem of selection.
  • [Technology]Lens Light Transmission Meter For Sales
    Recently, the Chinese government has prompted mandatory detection of the transmittance of eye lenses. Linshang lens light transmission meter LS108 is specially used to detect the transmittance of glasses UV395nm, blue light 430nm and visible light 550nm.
  • [Technology]Linshang Light Transmittance Meter
    Linshang Technology mainly has three models of light transmittance meter: LS110, LS116 and LS117. The design principles and characteristics of these three instruments are different. Users can select the appropriate according to the sample and application to be tested.
  • [Technology]How to Test Window Film Transmittance?
  • [Technology]Detecting Glass Transmittance With Light Transmission Meter
    The optical characteristics of transparent glass and translucent glass are different, the light transmission meters required are also different.
  • [Technology]How to Test Light Guide Plate Transmittance | Transmittance meter
    The light inside the light guide plate is refracted and scattered multiple times. Therefore, the transmittance meter cannot accurately detect the transmittance of the light guide plate and it needs to be detected by transmittance meter.
  • [Technology] How Much Film Transmittance Is Qualified?
    The Chinese government stipulates that the transmittance of the front windshield and the rear view mirror of the automobile shall not be less than 70% . We should use tint checker to measure its transmittance.
  • [Technology]Greenhouse Film Spectrum Transmission Meter
    The transmittance of greenhouse film of different materials and different colors is different. We recommend using a professional spectrum transmission meter to measure its light transmittance.
  • [Technology]2 Piece Window Tint Meter for Auto Glass
    The Linshang 2 piece window tint meter LS110 is mainly composed of two parts, the main and auxiliary machines, which are small in size and easy to carry. It can be used to measure the glass transmittance of automotive glass and architectural building glass.
  • [Technology]Diffusion Plate Classification and Use | Diffusion Plate Transmittance Meter
    Diffusion plate is an important match for LED lamps. Common materials are generally PC, PS and acrylic. We should use a professional diffusion plate transmittance meter to measure its light transmittance.
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