• 【Products】LS117 Optical Density Meter
    1.Can measure absolute optical density,relative density and dot area 2.Can be used to test the optical density of aluminum plating film,film,X-ray film 3.Also can test the transmittance of milky white translucent material and frosted material.
  • 【Technology】Companre LS117 Optical Density Meter With Others
  • 【Technology】LS117 Densitometer Measure Application
  • 【Technology】LS117 Transmission Densitometer-Related Knowledge
    LS117 Transmission Densitometer is mainly used in: film, x-rays, a variety of aluminum, and opaque, foggy, scrub rough surfaces and other materials, for the absolute optical density, relative density and dot area rate measurement. Let’s show you more related knowledge about LS117 Transmission Densitometer.
  • 【Technology】Spectrodensitometer Measure Aluminizer Thickness
    Due to the very thin thickness of aluminized layer on vacuum aluminizing film, therefore can’t be used conventional thickness measurement instrument for the detection of the thickness, Nowadays, the detection of aluminum film thickness uniformity of special instrument is densitometer. The principle of the optical density meter is to detect the optical properties of the thin film through the densitometer.
  • 【Products】LS152 Vacuum Coating Thickness Measuring System
    1.Provides dual RS485communication interface, the standard MODBUS communication protocol,convenient for communications with PLC, human-machine interface and computer. 2.Can be customized according to customer's demand
  • 【Technology】Transmission Meter for Lens and Phone Cover Test
    The Linshang LS108D mobile Lens transmission meter is used to test the transmittance of the distance and position sensing holes. The LS117 optical density meter is used to test the optical density of the screen printing ink.
  • 【Cases】Transmittance Measurement of Plastic PC
    The transmittance of transparent PC, black PC or matte PC can be measured with LS117 densitometer.
  • 【Technology】 Densitometer Test Mobile Phone Cover Ink OD Value
    Linshang LS117 densitometer for sale has always been used to test the optical density of film, matte, milky white, fogged and other materials due to the unique diffuse transmission principle design.
  • 【Technology】LS110 Window Tint Detector for Automobile
    Linshang LS110 window tint detector is designed to detect the light transmittance of automobile windshield. The instrument has the characteristics of split design, simple measurement, fast anti-interference ability and high measurement accuracy.
  • 【Cases】Light Transmittance Meter Test Frosted Glass
    ​In addition to light transmission, frosted glass also has a relatively high degree of privacy. The light transmittance of frosted glass can be detected by a light transmittance meter LS117 which adopt diffuse transmission principle.
  • 【Cases】Vacuum Coating Thickness Measuring System
    The Linshang vacuum coating thickness measuring system has added the ultra-small probes, which is a great boon for customers with small installation space on the coating machine.
  • 【Technology】Mist Material Optical Transmission Meter
    For frosted, foggy and other diffuse transmission materials, a professional optical transmission meter is needed to measure the light transmittance.
  • 【Technology】Why Do We Use Optical Density Meter?
    The surface of the opalescent material is different from that of the ordinary material, so the opalescent material should be measured with optical density meter.
  • 【Cases】Ground Glass Optical Transmission Meter
    ​The surface of ground glass is rough, translucent but not transparent. Light passes through the ground glass and scatters in all directions. Therefore, the transmittance of the ground glass requires an optical transmission meter with diffuse transmission principle.
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