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1. What is a standard gloss meter?

Glossiness is a physical quantity that evaluates the ability of a material's surface to reflect light under a set of geometrically specified conditions. It has the reflective properties of direction selection. The national standard of the gloss meter refers to black glass with a refractive index of 1.567. Assuming that the surface is ideally polished, the gloss value at this time is defined as 100 gloss units, so the gloss meter is a relative measuring instrument. As an international measuring instrument, the gloss meter has a unified international standard, which is divided into first and second grades. For general users, the second-level gloss meter standard can meet the needs. It must be used for companies with higher requirements. The first-level gloss meter can meet the requirements. There are few brands of gloss meters on the market that can reach the first-level standard. Linshang gloss meters have reached the international advanced level in the field of glossmeters.

2. Features of standard gloss meter

(1) Powerful functions and wide application

Linshang LS192 gloss meter is a high-precision, small gloss meter manufactured in accordance with the ISO-2813 standard, which is suitable for the mirror glossiness measurement of paint, ink, plastic, stone, floor, wooden furniture surface, etc. It is a gloss meter produced in accordance with the National Verification Regulation JJG 696-2002 "Specular Gloss Meters and Gloss Plates". All its indicators meet the requirements of the first-class working machine in the measurement verification regulations.

(2) Convenient and simple operation

Linshang LS192 gloss meter only needs to be turned on, calibrated and measured in three steps for the glossiness measurement (no preheating or zero adjustment required). And the gloss meter can display real-time value, maximum value, minimum value, average value, standard deviation value. The results are intuitive and the measurement data can reach 99 groups. At the same time, in order to enhance the user experience, the Linshang LS192 gloss meter supports USB transmission and can be operated online with a computer to complete the test report.

gloss meter

The high accuracy of the Linshang LS192 gloss meter can ensure that it passes the inspection of any Chinese authoritative metrology institute. The data can be compared with German BYK gloss meter. The gloss value of the paint, ink, plastic, stone, floor, wooden furniture and other materials measured by the Linshang LS192 gloss meter can ensure that the zero value error is 0.1GU; the indicated value error is 0-100GU : ± 1.5GU; 100-1000GU: ± 1.5% degree.

(3) Small shape and thoughtful after-sales service

First of all, the Linshang LS192 gloss meter uses an ultra-small design form, which can be carried around and measured in real time, reducing the burden on users. Secondly, it can be used for 48 hours after being charged once, which can protect your long working hours. Finally, this product focuses on after-sales service. The product warranty period is one year. It can provide spare parts and technical support and repair services for free for a long time, fully safeguarding the vital interests of users.



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