How to Choose A High Performance UVC Light Intensity Meter?

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Medical worker and the seller of medical equipment are no stranger to the sterilization and disinfection work in hospitals. In the hospital, you can also see the 254nm UV germicidal lamps hanging on various occasions. 

254nm ultraviolet germicidal lamp is a tool for daily sterilization and disinfection in hospitals, pharmaceutical factory, CDC, etc. The radiation intensity of the 254nm germicidal lamp is related to the sterilization effect and efficiency. Under the heavy blow of the new coronavirus, sterilization and disinfection are the top priority. Please check the following guide for the selection of the medical UVC meter for testing the radiation intensity of the 254nm germicidal lamp.

UVC meter test germicidal lamp
UVC meter test germicidal lamp

I. Guide for selecting UVC light intensity meter

1. Spectral response of 254nm germicidal lamp

Medical germicidal lamps include a low-pressure mercury lamp with a peak wavelength of 253.7nm (hereinafter referred to as 254nm) and an ozone germicidal lamp with a peak wavelength of 185nm. However, the low-pressure mercury lamp with 254nm is the most commonly used. The national standard "Ultraviolet Sterilizer Hygiene Requirements GB28235-2020" stipulate that the UV germicidal lamp of 200-280nm should be used, so when testing the UV germicidal lamp in the hospital, the UVC radiation meter with the peak wavelength of 254nm must be selected.

2. UVC meter manufacturer and brand

The UVC radiometer is different from the daily consumables in that it is a professional and long-term use instrument. The UVC radiometer will be attenuated for a long time and needs to be calibrated regularly. The problems encountered in the process of use also require professional guidance from the UV meter manufacturer. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose a reliable UVC meter brand and manufacturer. Linshang Technology has provided UV meters used in UV-A, UV-B and UV-C bands for 13 years. Most customers who require UV intensity test will choose Linshang UV meters.

II. Best UVC meter recommended

1. UVC meter used to test 254nm UV germicidal lamp

Linshang LS126C UVC meter is widely used in medical institutions, with a spectral response of 230-280nm and a peak wavelength of 254nm. It professionally measures the radiation intensity of ultraviolet germicidal lamps used in hospitals to ensure that it passes the measurement by the Chinese metrology of institute.

2. UV meter with Bluetooth function

The 254nm ultraviolet germicidal lamp emits short-wave ultraviolet rays, which can kill bacteria and viruses. Similarly, it is also very harmful to the human body. One of the main reasons why LS126C is popular in hospitals is that it has Bluetooth function, which can measure the radiation intensity of the germicidal lamp in real time by downloading the mobile colorimeter APP. By using UV meter with Bluetooth, the instrument can prevent testers from being exposed to the germicidal lamp. The Bluetooth function not only provides convenience, but also guarantees the safety of testers.

UV meter with Bluetooth function
UV meter with Bluetooth function

3. UV meter with print report function

When the hospital is grading, whether the radiation intensity of the germicidal lamp is qualified is an important indicator. In the process of grading, not only the intensity of the germicidal lamp must be measured on the spot, but also the past inspection records need to be traced. LS126C UVC meter has the function of printing reports. After the test is completed, it can be connected to the computer to print the test report. The test report shows the current test time, equipment used, measurement duration, various test data and the radiation intensity of the 254nm germicidal lamp. In addition, you can also set the name of the tested light source, the name of the company or department, the name of the tester and the reviewer and other information. Linshang LS126C is a medical UV meter specially developed by Linshang Technology for hospitals. To measure the radiation intensity of the 254nm germicidal lamp, LS126C UV meter would be the best choice.

UVC meter test report
UVC meter test report