How to Solve the Color Difference of Spray Paint?

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In traditional color detection, people often draw conclusions based on their own vision. This method is relatively straightforward and very efficient. However, due to the unstable environment of the light source and the influence of the observer's own state, the results of color difference detection will have a certain deviation. With the continuous upgrading of industrialization, people's requirements for color are getting higher and higher, especially the paint industry has strict regulations on color difference. This manual method of detecting color difference is not enough. If you want to better control the color management in the process of painting and refinishing, you need to use a professional colorimeter.

I.What should I do if the spray paint color difference is large?

In the process of using paint for spray painting and make-up paint, some color differences are inevitable. So how to control the color difference in the allowed range?

  1. The use of different batches of new and old paints requires strict comparison of color difference. Use a professional colorimeter to compare the color difference between new and old paint products of different batches.

  2. Every time the paint is changed and the ingredients are changed, it must be reported to the production workshop in strict accordance with the standardized operation process. The color inspection workshop shall verify according to the process parameters and the color difference standards prescribed by the industry. And arrange a special test spray to observe the spraying effect. 

  3. Before spraying, be sure to keep the spray gun and the infusion pipeline clean and tidy. There should be no obvious dust spots on the surface: inspect the paint surface by close inspection. Otherwise, it is easy to cause poor color difference, especially some light-colored paint with weak hiding power. 

  4. For parts with different materials, the spraying staff should also do a color test. Different materials may have different viscosities to paint. Even if the same formula is used for color spraying, the effect may not be the same.

II.What should I do if there is color difference after painting?

If there is obvious color difference between the color after spraying and the original paint, then there are two possibilities. First, the color ratio is not adjusted well, it is recommended to re-spray.

Secondly, if it is found in time when spraying, you can stop spraying immediately and do related processing to re-color spray. 

When the difference is not very large, you can wait for a certain period of time. After the paint has basically hardened or "aged" for a certain period of time, see if you can "recover" the same color as other unpainted parts. In general, this phenomenon is more common in "white" or "lighter" plain paint or black paint.

It is possible to encounter such problems in the production and life of the schedule. But with a colorimeter, you can check the color more accurately and properly handle the color difference.

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