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1. The gloss characteristics of leather shoe surface

Most people's knowledge of materials relies on light from different angles. Light is a prerequisite for creating the beauty of various materials. Without the light, the material can’t fully exp ress its own beauty. The angle of light, strength and color are all factors that affect the beauty of various materials. For the leather material, light not only makes it show various colors, but also makes the leather material show different glossiness. The specific gloss value can be detected using a gloss detector.

Gloss is the spatial distribution of light reflected from the leather surface, which is mainly felt by human vision. Therefore, the gloss and beauty of leather shoe uppers mainly obtains psychological responses through visual experience, causing certain emotions and certain associations to form an aesthetic experience.

For example, the fine and bright surface has strong reflective energy, giving people a brisk, lively and cold feeling; the smooth and matte surface gives a subtle and quiet feeling; the rough and shiny surface makes people feel cumbersome due to the large number of reflected light points; the rough and dull quality surface gives people a feeling of stability due to the weak reflected light.

Different leather shoe surface present different visual feelings, so when designing leather shoe surface, it is necessary to fully consider the gloss characteristics of the material itself to create quality leather shoes. Because the surface structure of the leather material is different, the glossiness is different. Glossiness is a perceptual attribute on the object surface that is determined by the spatial distribution of reflected light. In order to assess the gloss range of shoe uppers, leather shoe manufacturers can use a gloss detector.

2. Gloss detector detects the gloss of leather shoes

gloss detector

In order to ensure the different gloss quality of leather shoes, you can use the gloss detector to test the processed leather shoes. Linshang LS192 gloss detector is mainly used to measure the surface gloss of materials in industries such as building materials, spraying, leather, plastics, printed matter, metals, ceramics and paint. At the same time, it has the following characteristics:

  1. Linshang gloss detector LS192 is the first instrument that dare to compare with the German BYK gloss detector. Why does the LS192 gloss detector dare to say so, because:

  2. LS192 gloss detector has automatic measurement mode and manual measurement mode.

  3. The LS192 gloss detector can be measured in real time.

  4. Simultaneously display real-time value, maximum value, minimum value, average value and standard deviation. The smaller the standard deviation, the more uniform of the shoe gloss.

  5. Ultra-small design.

  6. The number of storage groups can be set by yourself and a maximum of 99 groups of data can be measured.

  7. The LS192 gloss detector conforms to the standards of the National Measurement and Verification Regulation JJG 696 first-class gloss detector.

  8. The gloss detector can be connected to the computer to perform measurement and generate professional reports in real time.

  9. Linshang gloss detector LS192 can easily detect the surface gloss of leather shoes and control the quality of leather shoes.