Gloss Tester | Colored Paint Gloss Classification Standards

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1. Color paint gloss grading standards

At present, the paints on the market are mainly divided into various gloss types such as matte, high-gloss and semi-matte paint. The most popular is matte paint.
       The gloss of paint can be divided according to the following gloss. The paint whose gloss is generally more than 75GU can be called high-gloss paint. Gloss between 50-75 GU can be called flat paint, 10-50 GU is called matte paint. Gloss below 10 GU can be called matte paint. (Measuring angle is 60 °) . This classification standard is suitable for the determination of colored paints, but not for the gloss of colored paints containing metal pigments.

2. Which is better, matte paint or glossy paint?

Matte paint and glossy paint are mainly the differences in the appearance of the coating, so which one is better depends on the user's personal preferences.
       Generally speaking, matte paint is relatively elegant and gloss paint is more gorgeous. According to different appearance characteristics, it can be applied in scenes that fail.
       For example, in the kitchen and bathroom, due to the large number of stains, it is easy to cause the floor to appear dirty. The matte paint is dim, which will make the stain less visible. Therefore, the kitchen and bathroom will often use matte paint. In order to show the magnificent feel of the walls of the hotel, the bright paint is often used in conjunction with the illumination of the lights, which will look very gorgeous.

3. How to measure gloss of paint with gloss tester?

Gloss is a common and important data in the industrial field. According to their own matching experience, construction personnel can further enhance the color expression and improve the overall aesthetics on the furniture, cars and other carriers. The gloss of colored paint does not have a fixed range. Each enterprise has different gloss standards for colored paint and the evaluation range is also different. In order to accurately measure the gloss of the paint, we can detect it with Linshang gloss tester.
       There are many high-efficiency gloss testers on the market. Linshang gloss tester LS191 is one of them. Compared with other gloss testers, when measuring gloss with Linshang paint gloss tester, there is no need to press the measurement button during the measurement process. As long as the gloss tester is placed on the measured material, the test data is displayed immediately. Linshang gloss tester has a counting function that can record the current test data and automatically calculate the maximum, minimum, average, and standard deviation values. The smaller the standard deviation value, the more uniform the paint gloss. Relying on the testing ability of the gloss tester LS191, the work efficiency of many construction workers has been greatly improved.