Gloss Tester Used in Different Industries

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As a professional instrument for measuring the surface glossiness of objects, the gloss tester is widely used in various fields. Through the usual understanding of the customer industry, we now summarize the applications of Linshang gloss testers. 

1. Gloss tester test plastic materials gloss

The glossiness of plastic materials mainly depends on the surface refractive index and surface smoothness. When the refractive index of the plastic material is high and the surface is smooth, the light is mainly mirror reflection, then the gloss is high; otherwise, if the light is diffuse reflection, the gloss is poor. The raw material composition and manufacturing process of plastic materials are the main factors affecting the surface gloss. In order to control the gloss quality of plastic materials, you can use a gloss tester.

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2. Gloss tester test sailing ship hull gloss

Sailboat surfaces are usually painted to maintain aesthetics and durability. The new boat with gel coat layer looks beautiful. After two or three years of use, its appearance gradually fades and loses its luster. At this time, in order to maintain the aesthetics and safety performance of the sailboat hull, we can repaint the boat to make it look as beautiful as the new boat. In order to ensure the appearance quality and safety performance of the sailboat, the gloss tester can be used to detect the gloss quality of the hull during the sailboat manufacturing process.

3. Gloss tester test clay teapot gloss

Silk pots of the Qing Dynasty have been brewing for a long time, the tires are dark in color. The surface of the utensils has a deep and restrained luster. The appearance quality of the clay teapots produced in different periods is different. The appearance quality of the clay teapots can be judged by measuring the surface gloss. The traditional gloss evaluation method is to observe directly with the naked eye. Due to the influence of the light source, the observation conditions and the observer's own subjective factors, there may be a large deviation in the evaluation results of the purple teapot gloss. Therefore, if you want to identify the gloss quality of the clay teapot, you need to use a special gloss tester.

4. Gloss tester test glossy card gloss

Glossy cards are commonly used to make signs or various documents. Their appearance is bright and has a mirror-like luster. Generally speaking, commonly used paper glossy cards and text-based prints are used to prevent eye fatigue and reduce costs. Paper with low gloss is widely used. For commercial prints mainly based on art pictures, trademark decoration, etc. In order to make the color of the finished product bright and pleasing to the eye, it is often necessary to use paper with high gloss. Glossy card manufacturing uses different materials and processing techniques. Its appearance gloss will be very different. If you want to accurately assess the gloss of the glossy card and control the appearance quality, you can use the gloss tester to detect it.

5. Gloss tester test stage gloss quality

For professional indoor stage venues, not only the lighting need to be strictly designed and installed, but also the platform surface gloss. If the stage gloss is insufficient, the color will appear dim. If the stage background gloss is too high, it will also cause strong stimulation to the observer's vision. In order to create a better stage effect, it is necessary to use a professional gloss tester to detect the surface gloss of the background baffle and the platform surface.

6. Gloss tester test sculpture surface gloss

For urban sculpture, it is an art display that records the history and culture of the city. In order to obtain a better appearance, it is necessary to make strict requirements on its surface gloss and color. Whether the gloss is too high or too low, it will affect the overall display effect. If you want to accurately assess the gloss of the sculpture surface, you need to use a special gloss tester.

7. Gloss tester test tableware gloss

In life, all kinds of tableware are essential. Tableware of different materials, due to differences in processing technology, the surface gloss will be very different. Commonly used are ceramic tableware and metal tableware. In order to accurately assess the gloss and quality of tableware, a special gloss tester can be used.

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8. Gloss tester test rubber boat gloss

Gloss is a characteristic of the rubber boat surface. When light shines on the dinghy surface, refraction occurs at various angles. People can feel its luster characteristics from different angles. Rubber boats are a commonly used water vehicle. Due to the difference in raw materials and manufacturing processes, their appearance gloss will be deviated. In order to accurately determine the surface gloss of the rubber boat, it can be measured by gloss tester.

9. Gloss tester test helmet gloss

When purchasing helmets, users not only pay attention to helmet materials and safety performance, but also are affected by paint coloring quality and gloss performance. For helmet manufacturers, in order to control the appearance and performance of the helmet, it is necessary to test the color and gloss of the helmet.



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