Gloss Tester Using Precautions

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1. Gloss definition and purpose

What is a gloss tester? It is mainly used to measure the surface gloss of various objects. For example, we can use it to measure the gloss of mobile phones. Of course, its application range is not limited to mobile phones, but also can be used in many industries. For example, the automotive industry, home appliance industry, building decoration industry, printing industry, etc.
       So it is very practical to have such a gloss tester. Of course, there is not only one kind of gloss tester. If it is classified from measurement angle, it can be divided into 20 degrees, 45 degrees, 60 degrees, 75 degrees and 85 degrees. Among them, 20 degrees gloss tester can be used to measure the high gloss objects, 60 degrees gloss tester is used to measure the medium glass objects. 85 degrees gloss tester is used to measure the low gloss objects. The 60-degree gloss tester is also the most common and the most used one, such as ink, paint, wood products, etc. can be used to measure it, so it is also called a general-purpose gloss tester.

2. Matters needing attention when using gloss tester

The gloss tester is a precision glossiness measurement instrument, we need to understand some precautions when measuring to ensure the accuracy of the measurement.

① First of all, when using the gloss tester, try to avoid changes in the environment. For example, it is not waterproof, so it cannot be used in a high humidity environment; in addition, the gloss tester should be kept stable during use. The occurrence of shaking and displacement will also affect the overall measurement accuracy.
       ② Keep it properly after use. When storing, we should pay attention to keeping the gloss tester tidy and clean, avoiding getting dust, powder and other foreign objects.
       ③ There are also certain requirements for its storage environment. Generally speaking, this precision glossiness measuring instrument is used in a dry and cool environment; during the storage process after use, you should pay attention to shut down and put it into the instrument case.
       ④ Different objects with different gloss should be tested with different gloss testers. Therefore, we should find a suitable gloss tester when measuring objects; Remember not to change the gloss tester without authorization, otherwise it may affect the accuracy and may even cause irreversible damage to it.
       At present, there are many merchants on the market that sell gloss testers, but the whole market is mixed and the quality is also uneven. So when we choose, we should still pay attention to choosing gloss tester with right specifications and excellent quality. 



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